The Jey Files – Demento, WWE/TNA

What’s up guys and its time for The Jey Files! This week its friggin cold outside but it was a hot week in wrestling! Aging pro wrestlers without a legacy think they have status, TNA is looking to screw things up again, and interference is the new way to finish matches in the WWE. But lets get to it peeps!


            Damien Damento. This guy is a piece of work that’s for sure. He got upset because one of the guys I write for named Ryan Clark wrote an opinion about him. And according to him in his video blog, Ryan Clark and anyone that reads his articles, listens to his shows or works for or with him automatically doesn’t know what their talking about. I don’t really think that Damien Damento is a really good name for him. He should be known as Damien Delirious because A. He is 50 years old and thinks he can make a comeback in the wrestling business and B. He talks about Ryan Clark being a coward when the whole time he is talking trash he never looks in the camera once. That stuttering idiot just proves how guys in wrestling can dish it but not take it. He makes blog after blog after blog ranting about people but when he sees someone doing the same thing to him he freaks. If what he says about not being anything in the wrestling business means you don’t matter, then guess what Delirious, your right there with the rest of us because NO ONE REMEMBERS YOU. Get back in the wheel chair you came from and stop trying to diss people to try to help your come back. OH WAIT, it’s not a come back because you aren’t even a has been, YOU’RE A NEVER WAS. You cant even say you are a flash in the pan because you didn’t even make it that far to even be that! Your high hopes of getting back into wrestling are just that, hopes. No one wants to promote a guy in their organization who will more than likely break a hip coming off the ropes from an Irish whip. You say you’re making clear points in your videos but I can barely understand what points your making in between the half sentences and stutters. Shut up already. If you have the right to say what you want about any wrestler out there then we as writers have the right to contradict you. Why do most people in the wrestling world think that their opinion is the only one that matters and there couldn’t possibly be another way of looking at things?


            Something else I want to cover is with TNA. I have really been enjoying their show lately, so I ask this. TNA, will you please please pleaaaaaaaaaaase don’t mess this good thing you got going on with bad writing right now? Mick Foley’s rant to the TNA Originals was pretty lack luster. And then on top of that, the Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin interview really didn’t make a whole lot of since and the snake analogy wasn’t a good one at all. And Eric Young?? Can we say Tweak from South Park?? Ugh, they really need to do something to make that stable stronger. And what’s with them trying to make Awesome Kong into Vladimir Kozlov??? “If you don’t give Kong opponents she will find her own”. DAMN IT stop taking things from other promotions TNA! They used to be so good coming up with original work in the early stages, they just didn’t have enough decent talent. Like the House of Fun match? That was one hell of an original match. But they just keep trying to rip off other people left and right. One thing I like is how they weren’t afraid at the end to call out Christian and addressing the fact he has been telling people he’s been talking about going to WWE. They didn’t even give him a chance to talk at all. I really didn’t see that one coming.


            Off to WWE. The new attitude for Jeff Hardy I think is exactly what he needs. For the first time in his career, he actually gave an emotional promo. Good for him even if he does look like he just came from a zombie movie audition, I’m glad to see that he has found something he can go with. But if they are going to put him in the title match AGAIN, then either give it to him or stop putting him in the main events. And his brother Matt’s match with Shelton Benjamin was a little too drawn out in my opinion. If they want to give the ECW belt some type of credibility, that match should have been a lot shorter with Matt getting the win. And I keep saying it, but I’m going to say it again. SHELTON NEEDS TO LOSE THE BELT. Or at least defend it more than three times. I swear Smackdown is becoming the land of the incredibly long and dull championship runs. Oh, and its going to be the land of the jobbers beating top guys since obviously Kung Fu Naki has what it takes in one scissors kick to beat MVP. God that crap is really really pissing me off. And speaking of pissing me off, oh my god WWE stop making your main events finish with interferences!!! They keep ruining good events with The Undertaker by having someone come out and mess it all up. That’s three in a row.


            Finally, Cena is due to make his comeback soon. God help us all. Right when RAW looked like it was turning around, we gotta deal with this guy again. Is it really a coincidence that when he went to RAW and was champ forever the ratings went down? No. Was it coincidence that when he got hurt they went back up? No. But I swear if they don’t do something new with him and stop trying to make him into The Rock and Austin (which he’ll never be on either’s level) then WWE is going to go down right with their stock. Why Vince keeps pushing guys who kill his ratings and not push the ones who raise them is and always will be a mystery to me. But along the line of returns, Edge needs to come back soon. Someone on a Myspace forum brought up the idea of bringing Edge back in a Brood type situation. And it would really work since when we last saw him he was going kinda nuts. And since Christian is coming back to the WWE and Jeff Hardy looks like he’s going towards a psychotic breakdown, it just could possibly work.


            That’s it’s for this week, but for next week I did something with some of the forums on Myspace for the “Ultimate PPV”. The results were pretty interesting, but I want your opinions too! Come back next week for more peeps, I’m out!



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