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The Wrestling Cowboy – Last Call with Raven & The Sandman

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Friday, November 14th, 2008

Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Insiders Last Call with &

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Ultimate Insiders is a respected series of pro wrestling shoot interviews. The series has put out educational and thought provoking DVD’s with the likes of , Ed Ferrera and the Hardy Boys, among others. This DVD is the exact opposite of those shoots. You will not learn anything from this DVD. What you do get is about an hour and a half (excluding extras) of drunken buffoonery and it’s great. You get to see hardcore legends in a way few fans have ever seen them before.. drunk off their asses.

If you’ve followed the business you must have heard bar stories. It’s common knowledge that after a show many wrestlers leave the arena and head to a bar. Hell, bars are where business takes place and deals get done. If you were never “one of the boys” or weren’t lucky enough to hang out with wrestlers at a bar, you may never know what it’s like.. until now.

This DVD serves as a doorway into a dimension we fans rarely see in the wrestling world. From other shoots, HOF ceremonies, documentaries, radio and Internet interviews and everything in between, we constantly hear stories of the crazy shenanigans that go down in bars, now you can actually see the shenanigans take place with your own eyes.

The DVD is hosted by Dr. Keith Lipinski, who serves more as a bartender than a host and is mocked because of his big ears, he’s even called “Dumbo”. The two main subjects on the DVD are Raven and Sandman but Terry Funk, New Jack and Mustafa make guest appearances. The shoot starts with Dr. Keith asking how Raven and Sandman met, after a long pause, Raven said; “His mother and my mother were both mothers. We were born at an early age. We went to different high schools together”. From there Dr. Keith rarely took control of the interview. Raven and Sandman just drunkenly spoke about landscaping, chess, and anything else their minds took them.

Terry Funk shows up, the guys actually talk a little bit about wrestling, mainly about the number of times Terry Funk retired which would turn out to be a running gag throughout the DVD. One story of note from Terry Funk is when he was 12 years old living on a farm and he was caught getting oral sex from a baby cow. From there Raven and Sandman played with stuffed goat and boar heads, lighting cigarettes in their mouths and other drunken games which included Raven humping the goat head.

New Jack and Mustafa show up, Mustafa was the only negative on the entire DVD, he added nothing, barely spoke and the DVD would have been the same if he wasn’t there. New Jack took the craziness to a whole other level, telling numerous drug stories.

One New Jack drug story of note was when he got acid from Sandman back in the ECW days. New Jack said he was tripping something awful, he started hearing things, birds were flying around and he started seeing lizards. Eventually all the boys got word that Jack was on acid, they all found him crying in the locker room because he couldn’t handle the high but instead of helping him cope with the high, all the wrestlers started acting gay and were fucking around, trying to make Jack trip even harder. During Jack’s match, he said he saw more lizards and the crowd melted like crayons.

The boys spoke about everything from Barack Obama, fried chicken, old sitcoms like Good Times and All in the Family, wrestling, women, drugs, more drugs and various other topics. At one point Raven brought a salad to the bar, flipped it up in the air and said “Sandman wanted to toss my salad”. Running gags included New Jack apologizing to Terry Funk for not talking about him during Funk’s retirement banquet and guys throwing salad in the air, just acting drunk and stupid.

This review didn’t even scratch the surface of the stories, jokes and drunkenness that went on during the interview. There’s a decent amount of wrestling talk but it’s mostly drug related stories and stuff that doesn’t go very far because the guys were drunk and joking around most of the time. This DVD can be very entertaining, I wouldn’t recommend this DVD if you’re looking for a shoot that you can take something away from. If you’re the type of fan who likes Iron Sheik humor, this DVD is for you.

-Johnny B aka “The Wrestling Cowboy”

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