JR Blog: Flair’s Show, Matt Hardy Hurt and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog at jrsbarbq.com. Highlights from this entry:

– Cowboy Bill Watts is set to be a panelist on the next round of the WWE Legends Roundtables to be produced in December.¬† Watts is an intelligent and well spoken individual and was a major player in the wrestling business first as a main event wrestler in many successful¬† territories and then as the owner of a viable territory, Mid South Wrestling which morphed into the UWF. Watts also had short stints in Turner’s WCW and in the WWE.

– This is off the subject of successful international biz but I read where various wrestling organizations have large, or seemingly so, booking committees. When a company produces one TV program per week and tours in somewhat of a part time basis, why do they need booking committees with so many members? It reminds me of the politics of Washington D.C. regarding the constant partisan politics we encounter out of our nation’s capital. I guess it comes back to “politics” in general in wrestling too. Too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the soup as the old saying goes and I’m old school enough to believe that most wrestling company’s can function quite well with a creative group consisting of 2-3 people with none being active wrestlers. Over sized booking committees breed unhealthy, wrestling politics, unnecessary insecurities within the talent roster, personal agendas being played out, and usually a lack of unity coming out of the booking room. Just one guy’s opinion.

– Ric Flair left me a message this week while I was in the UK and sounded upbeat and in a great mood. He had just finished shooting a pilot for a reality show that producers are interested in and he said the TV people were a little overwhelmed with what they saw but in a good way. It was probably just another, regular day/night with the “Naitch” and friends. As many of you have read on the internet, “Naitch” is likely preparing to endure another divorce but he never mentioned a negative word about it to me.

– Matt Hardy is nursing a sore knee but is working through it as many of you will see Friday night on Smackdown. Hopefully, the injury is more of a “tweak” and nothing overly serious.