JR Blog: Taker vs. Hardy, MVP’s Losing Streak and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog, which can be read in its entirety at jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights:

– Jeff Hardy’s performance at the Smackdown tapings: “Jeff Hardy had two of the best back to back shows taped in one night that I can remember seeing in years. Jeff’s match vs the Undertaker this Friday night on Smackdown is simply off the page as is the build to the final match of the evening. These two had some nasty physicality near the announce table that more closely resembled felonious assault that a wrestling match. Old school, physicality especially when the ‘weapons’ came out. Without question, on of my favorite bouts I’ve seen in a long time.”

– Smackdown’s technical difficulties: “Technically, when the WWE gets out of their own production truck many things can go wrong. The ‘World’s Angriest Announcer’ and I had serious audio issues. If we seem like we are a little too ‘hot’ or seem to be ‘yelling’ at you Friday night its because we couldn’t hear each other most of the night. It’s a long, technically, boring story that you will be the final judge of come Friday night.”

– MVP’s losing streak: “MVP’s woes seem to be getting worse. It seems as if some fans are beginning to feel for MVP’s bad luck. I can see better days ahead for MVP after he hits rock bottom which is seemingly in sight.”

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