Even More Details on the Recent WWE Releases

– Regarding Chuck Palumbo’s WWE release, his contract had actually just expired. People in the office had labeled Palumbo as a guy who just would never get over. Mysterio and others have tried to help him get into AAA in Mexico, but the promotion isn’t too keen on bringing in foreigners right now. Marco Corleone is trying to get Chuck into CMLL.

– Paul London has had heat on him in WWE ever since he smiled during the live shot right before Vince’s explosion angle in 2007, among other things. London also had a reputation for having no instincts as a performer, as far as how his character should be doing promos, even though everyone knew he has the ability. London was also seen as a complainer backstage and had asked for time off on a few occasions. Once when he asked for time off, he said he wasn’t sure he anted to commit his life to wrestling. Vince ended up giving him the time off and he returned looking better but just a month later people felt the same issues were coming back up. Another thing with London is that he had a rep of being a headache to work with among the creative team.

London does have a 90 day non-compete clause in his contract which prevents him from working for certain promotions.

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