Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings to Air 11/14

* A WrestleMania XXIV video package is shown.

* A Barack Obama video package is shown to a huge pop.

Dark Match:
* Chavo Guerrero b. Ryan Braddock
– Chavo got the win with a frog splash.

SmackDown: (Airing This Week)
* SmackDown begins with a casket in the ring. The Undertaker appears out of it. Jeff Hardy is shown on the screen and he says he will put all his emotion in the match. The Undertaker says he will rest in peace.

* Matt Hardy b. Shelton Benjamin
– Shelton continued to work Matt’s knee throughout the match. Hardy finally gained control, hit twist of fate, followed by a pinfall.

* The Brian Kendrick b. Carlito
– Kendrick got the win via pinfall after hitting sliced break number two. Ezekiel Jackson attacked Primo Colon on the outside to distract Carlito.

* A video promo for Kizarny’s SmackDown debut is shown.

* Vladimir Kozlov & Triple H hold a contract signing for their match at Survivor Series. Kozlov signed, but before Triple could sign, Jeff Hardy came out of the crowd and slammed Kozlov through a table.

* Jeff Hardy b. The Undertaker
– Big Show came out and chokeslammed Undertaker. Hardy leapfrogged over a ladder with a legdrop and pinned Undertaker for the three-count.

Note: We hope to have a more detailed report later…





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  • david

    any 1 notice that the Jeff hardy leg drop hit the undertakers arm only. Yet hardy still won. So hardy hits leg drop on takers arm and gets a 3

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