JR Blog: Elijah Burke’s Release, This Week’s Tapings, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog from the UK. Here are a few of the highlights:

– Raw was wild and “raw” Monday night with many behind the scenes TV production challenges or so I was told by those that were there. Getting ready to watch it in a few moments.

– Manchester is one of approximately 16 WWE sellouts on this tour. We are recording 2 Friday nite Smackdowns Tuesday nite. Hope the pipes hold out. These Smackdowns will take us right up to the Survivor Series in Boston.

– I expect Tuesday night to be a TV production adventure. Looking forward to it. Jeff vs ‘Taker should be special. I’m taking the Deadman and the “under.”

– Elijah Burke’s whereabouts are now well know as he was cut by the WWE in recent hours. Burke is a good talker and if I were him in addition to staying in wrestling, if he chooses, I would give Hollywood a shot. Tough break for Elijah but he cannot look at it as the world’s end.

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