The Jey Files – Showing Respect, TNA

Whats up and welcome to The Jey Files! Two quick things, as always, GO TITANS, and secondly I’m very proud of my generation going out there and voting for real change last Tuesday! Congrats to all! Now for wrestling talk, lets jump into it peeps.


                There seems to be a lack of respect for the guys who really do try to entertain us every week and I just wanted to try and cover a portion of it on this column. Recently, I caught flack because I put a picture of The Boogeyman in my “Best of WWE” section on my Myspace. I honestly think he deserves it. How can you respect Sabu for doing everything to his body to prove how much he loves the business and not respect a guy who basically forgets he is a human in the first place? How can you respect The Undertakers dedication to his role and all he’s done to make it seem real but you cant respect Boogeyman’s dedication to eat LIVE worms? Now, before you start writing the hate e-mail, hang on a second. I’m not trying to compare Boogeyman’s popularity, achievements or abilities to either Sabu or Taker’s. I’m just simply saying in my opinion, he has the tools and the will to be as good as either. And it’s obvious he has the charisma and the personality to make us believe he is an actual creature from beyond. Just like when you watch Sabu you think he really is insane (which in a lot of ways he IS) and how you believe Taker is the gate keeper for hell. Boogeyman still has a lot to prove, but I will always find him to be one of the better characters to come out of WWE, so I respect him enough to think he is one of the best or at least can be one of the best some day.


                Keeping on the topic of “lack of respect”, man Brock Lesnar really thinks he’s something huh? I can’t believe he really thought he could tell a reporter that he honestly doesn’t think Kurt Angle or Bobby Lashley could make it in the MMA because they don’t have enough wrestling experience. WOW there bub. Bobby Lashley has won MILITARY titles in wrestling. Kurt Angle won a gold medal. Im pretty sure in everyone elses eyes but Lesnar’s, Angle and Lashley could wrestle him back to the NFL. And Brock would have been way better off saying Angle couldn’t get in because he was too fragile and couldn’t fight like that. And honestly, I think Lashley could kick his ass all over the place. Brock is just mad because Lashley made his in ring jump up look twice as better than Lesnar did. I never really liked Lesnar to begin with to be completely honest with you, I think he got way too big of a push too soon when he came to the WWE. I’m not sure whose idea it was anyway, but he is a bigger flash in the pan than the Ultimate Warrior. But the bottom line is Lesnar is crazy and needs to respect Angle and Lashley rather than diss them both to make himself feel better.


                The point I’m making is this. You don’t have to always agree with aspects of wrestling or the guys in it to respect them. You can respect TNA’s effort to make something original and new. They take guys who should be champion and make them champions most of the time. But some things just don’t fit right in that company in my opinion. Take the Motorcity Machine Guns for instance. They are a great team that you can’t help but to admire. However they don’t really fit that good in the whole TNA Original scheme of things. And on top of that their entrance theme sounds like something from an old 90’s sitcom, not something that makes you think of an exciting tag team. But TNA has got some mad weapons at their disposal. If you didn’t catch the tag team ladder match on iMPACT, you really missed a good one and it really defined how good the TNA roster is when it just comes down to wrestling. But of course they had to have someone come out and interfere like usual…


                And speaking of interference, I think my biggest drop of respect though all together has to be Vince McMahon. I always tried to back up a lot of Vince’s moves throughout the years. But this guy has got to go finally. Twice now there has been a main event with The Undertaker facing someone who he could have a great match with and twice now Vince and his wonderful writing staff have caused the matches to end in interference. What the holly hell does that prove??? Vince needs to go. After seeing Shane on RAW lately, I think he is getting to the point where he knows what he’s doing, he HASN’T lost touch with what the fans like and he needs to take over for his father who is way past his prime. And the transition needs to happen fast because man is TNA heating up.


                After watching last Thursday’s iMPACT taping, the Main Event Mafia looks like their about to be something good. Scott Steiner as the Mafias hit man is a really good angle (regardless if he isn’t exactly the best speaker in the world), and I can say I actually enjoyed watching their show for once. At first I didn’t quite get the whole Main Event Mafia, but it really is a great stable. I think that it might just be one of the best stables in wrestling history and it really almost reminds me of the early days of the nWo. I guess in the end, they found a really great angle to tie together all of the vets they have been picking up. But don’t be surprised if you see Mick Foley join the MEM and be the Eric Bischoff of TNA. The only thing I don’t really get is the whole TNA Legends belt though…that was a bad excuse for another belt. You can’t have a Legends belt when ¾’s of the country don’t know you exist. Maybe in a few years it will make more sense but until then try something else there TNA. And um…we all know Booker T isn’t Jamaican… so maybe I missed something.


                By the way…I got my tickets for the December 5th TNA show here in Troy, Ohio. So, since I have 3rd row seats, I should be able to catch some real good pictures for your guys and I’ll have complete results for the show. Hit me up people and peace!




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