The Dog Pound – Turning Point To Where?

Well, its been quite awhile since I’ve taken a look and analyzed TNA. With their ppv last night, “Turning Point” as well as this new stable known as the Main Event Mafia, I figured it was time to let my opinions be heard on this issue. You see, “Turning Point” could be a very aptly named ppv for the company. If booked right they could indeed create a turning point and regain what it was that made them stand out years ago when first appearing on the scene. However, lest us not forget, a man named Vince Russo is in charge, and there in lies what may be the ultimate downfall of TNA.

As I have stated numerous times beforehand, and everyone knows it to be true, the X-Division is what made TNA a household name. Their original tag line “it’s not about weight limits, it’s about no limits,” that right there is what made TNA worth watching. Now look at it, compare TNA now to the old WCW circa ’98-’99. See any similarities? Back in those days, WCW was known for being overrun with old timers that didn’t know when to hang up the boots. TNA 2008? We get the Main Event Mafia of old timers that may not know when its time to pass the torch.

So where is the X-Division in all this? Taking a back seat, seemingly lost of all it once was. So when TNA held an X-Division seeding match to determine the new number one contender, I asked myself, when and where will the title be defended? If this was TNA circa 2003, I’d say pretty high up on a ppv card; now however I’d say probably on Xplosion. Don’t get me wrong I think that Abdul Bashir and Rhino have some good chemistry, but it seems that the title has been lost in the shuffle and I’m not sure if either Abdul Bashir or Eric Young are the answer.

I am a big fan of Consequences Creed, Jsy Lethal, and Petey Williams so I am looking foward to exactly what TNA has planned for them in this “war” and whether or not the X-Division title will again take prominence. Just thinking about it, if Petey Williams is now a face again, than why is he still dressed like Scott Steiner?

Also at Turning Point, we had Beer Money Inc. retian the tag titles once again. I like this a lot. As I have said in the past, I like the team of Storm and Roode, but I feel the name of their team is a lot to be desired. Of course they fought the Motor City Machine Guns who have found themselves in the middle of the war between the MEM snd Originals. I am very anxious to see where TNA goes with these two. i believe we’ll see the two continue to tease a full fledged heel turn, only to stick with the Originals and help their cause.

Of course TNA also had their standout Knockouts match, a tag match that pitted Taylor Wilde and Roxxi against Awesome Kong and Saeed. I am a big fan of the TNA woman’s division and wish they had a bit more exposure. I am also a big fan of Roxxi so anytime she’s on you know it’ll be a good match, and it was. Perhaps in the near future we can see a Roxxi title run! Where though, was The Beautiful People? Cute Kip? Christy Hemme? All these guys could have at least made an appearence on the show. But no, all the backstage segements had to center around the MEM.

Speaking of the MEM, they of course won all their bouts at the ppv. Overall I have no problem with this, as they are a fairly new faction and need to truy establish themselves as a threatening group. I do have a couple concerns however. One, I’m not sure what it is but it feels as though the MEM is not completely cohesive. I feel that there is an element within the group that doesn’t exactly fit. Perhaps its Scott Steiner, or that could be because I’m very biased and have always disliked Steiner. Could it be Booker T? Bringing back that fake accent doesn’t help matters. I don’t know what it is yet, but something doesn’t feel right.

Also, as much as the MEM needs to establish themselves, I also feel they might be rushing themselves. First they have four top guys, then quickly add a fifth (Steiner). Now, already Christian Cage is being “forced” to join, and the MCMG fate is up in the air. I see this as potentially being a major problem for TNA. I see a repeat of WCW’s war between the nWo and the nWo Wolfpac. My fear is that the entire roster will be forced to choose sides, and those tht don’t will be left of the card consistently. TNA doesn’t need this right now. The company has only been around for six years, not long enough to have an all out “war” of this magnitude.

All that said, I am very intrigued as to wo else will stand out on the Originals side. having Joe and AJ lead is a solid decision. Perhaps, and this is just a thought, TNA could do an angle where Christian Cage is forced to join, but then becomes a sort of mole for the Originals. Cage helps them out and along the way, helps either AJ or Joe win the title from Sting at either Genesis or the following ppv.

Overall, TNA has the potential to create a true Turning Point, but they have to be willing to take that chance. Perhaps ther’s an angle where Christopher Daniels returns as a sort of savior and helps the Originals as well. The possibilities are endless. Always remember though, TNA is being booked by Russo, the same man thatb helped WCW run itself under. Although the concept of the MEM has potential, it really is just a rehash of WCW’s nWo, and/or the WWE’s Evolution. Where they go from here is anyone’s guess.

I’ll close by saying this….Kazarian for TNA World Champion!


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