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Candice Michelle Speaks on Past Regrets, Returning, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Monday, November 10th, 2008

– WWE Diva is featured in the December 2008 issue of Muscular Development, which features an interview and revealing pictorial.

On her recent return to the ring from injury: “It’s incredible (on life in in WWE)! But, I have to tell you that I just returned to the ring three weeks ago. Almost 10 months ago I was fighting for my title that I lost to . I was coming off the top rope going for a cross-body and I landed on my collarbone; I got knocked out! And when I woke up in the ambulance, my collarbone was broken. This was live on TV! You can still see it on YouTube. I came back too early because I wanted to be a part of . I was going for a drop-kick and I landed wrong and broke my collarbone in four places! We had about 4 minutes left in the match and I finished AND won it!! But that was the last time I wrestled in front of my fans in a long time. Now I’m bionic!! I have a plate and seven pins in there. I have a slogan with the WWE; it’s called “defining beauty.” I’ve learned in this business and in life that beauty is defined from within. I’ve had my nose broken and collarbone broken in the ring and to come back from all that — to face your fears head-on — in front of your fans; it’s your personality that defines your beauty. It’s not how many times you fall, but rather how gracefully you get up.”

If she has any regrets (“Have you ever done anything and afterward said, “What was I thinking?”): “There are lots of things I’ve done where I’ve wondered what I was thinking, but I wouldn’t call them regrets. These experiences made me who I am. I learned from them. I think they made me interesting. I’ve always been the underdog and being the underdog, I’m about overcoming that!”

If she has had any “weirdo” experiences: “I’ve had so many weirdo experiences I could write a book! It’s all a blur. I really can’t remember just one incident. There are so many; I should write them down. There is always something new and crazy around the corner.”


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