Update on Shane & Stephanie McMahon, RAW’s Bad Ratings

– The USA Network is not too happy with the RAW ratings as of late. Bonnie Hammer has a number of other projects going on and has been trying to get WWE to step it up as she expects numbers to be better than they have been. Obviously there is some heat on the WWE creative team to get the ratings back up.

– The general feeling within WWE is that they’re looking to a big storyline on the RAW brand with Shane and Stephanie McMahon, possibly against each other, that will eventually see the TV return of Vince McMahon in time for WrestleMania 25.

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  • Phantom Benoit

    don’t they realise the ratings are so bad because they’ve gone PG. they’ve lost there edge, therefore ratings.

  • Stephlover

    I have to agree with “phantom Benoit”. If they would go back to TV-14, their ratings would skyrocket to the top. Fuck little kids, they should be sleeping at 9:00pm at night. Where are their parents at? If parents don’t like their kids watching wrestling, then don’t let them. I don’t even think Steph and Shane’s kids get to watch wrestling.

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