JR Blog: Stone Cold Update, The Bella Twins, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog at jrsbarbq.com. Below are this entry’s highlights:

– The WWE grossed over half a million bucks in Mannheim, Germany this week with over 6500 fans enjoying the event.

Nice, France was a sold out event, as are the vast majority of WWE events on this extended international tour.

Milan, Italy saw over 5500 fans on hand in Santino’s “hometown.” Remember the “Milan Miracle?”  What I really remember about that weekend was the amazing pasta that fellow Okie Jerry Brisco and I enjoyed for supper. Wow. (No fat jokes please…I’m very sensitive,)

– Why is seemingly every wrestler who is portrayed as a Middle Easterner always a “Sheik?” Just curious.

– Thanks to the attentive wrestling internet we all now know how to determine which Bella twin is Brie or Nikki. I expect a wardrobe tweak to cover one of their tattoos on the lower back….or maybe not.

– Stone Cold is rocking along with his new film currently in production in Vancouver. He seems to be really pleased with the direction the film is heading in and Steve is not an easy man to please when it comes to his creative projects. Perfection is hard to attain but that’s simply the way Steve Austin is. Nothing wrong with that. The fight scenes in this film are going to be awesome. Perfection indeed…kind of the way yours truly is with our BBQ Sauce.