Interview Highlights from John Cena Hyping WM 25 Today

John Cena appeared on 1560-AM “The Game” in Houston this morning to hype WrestleMania 25. The following are the highlights of his appearance.

-Before Cena arrived, the hosts discussed a meeting that WWE held with the local media. They are planning a golf tournament in which teams or three or four people will be able to have a WWE performer join them. There will also be another block party and a Fan Access event in the parking lot of Reliant Stadium during WrestleMania weekend.

-Cena arrived about 15 minutes late and immediately jumped into the interview. He put over WrestleMania as the biggest day of the year for WWE.

-He will be taking part in the golf tournament. He said he’d get his money worth by finishing around 120. He said he enjoys golf and is looking forward to it.

-WrestleMania weekend will expand to WrestleMania week this year with a number of additional functions planned.

-Cena said he bought ringside tickets for his father and three friends for $775 last year. He said they were offered $1,500 for the “take home chairs” that were part of the ticket package.

-Cena said he knew he was too small in college to advance to the NFL. He said he was looking to fall into a regular career when a friend asked if he wanted to try wrestling. “I didn’t need a second invitation.” He said he had no idea back in those days that Killer Kowalski had a training school in his area.

-It took Cena three years to make his WWE debut and noted that he was “fast tracked.” He said it generally takes six years in the business before you end up on television. “It’s something that I genuinely love whether it’s 80,000 or five people,” Cena said regarding wrestling in front of small crowds early in his career.

-Cena recalled working with Kurt Angle in his first televised match. “He brought it to me pretty good,” Cena said. He added that he felt no pain when he headed back to the hotel because he was on such a high after making his television debut.

-It took Cena until 2005 before he felt comfortable living up to main event expectations. He said he still gets nervous before he wrestlers.

-Before Cena makes his entrance, he usually jokes around with the referees and other people backstage moments before he walks through the curtain.

-Cena said he reads as many wrestling books as he can to learn from their experiences. He raved about Chris Jericho’s book. He said he’s not ready to write his own book because it’s too early in his career.

-The host mentioned that Cena is the only person to ever receive an apology from CNN. Cena told the story about giving them a four-minute answer and claimed they edited his clip down to 10 seconds. He said he answered the steroid question by directly stating, “Absolutely not.”

-Cena said he told WWE not to work with CNN before he did the interview because he expected it was going to be a hatchet job. “This is CNN,” he said. “Even they did that… What are they doing to the others stories is what I want to know.”

-Cena said Vince McMahon wanted to tear down the CNN building because he was so upset, but Cena played it cool and asked for an apology.

-Cena played “Are You Smarter Than a Stripper.” For the first time in the history of the show, the stripper won the contest. The only question he got right was “How many minutes in a boxing round.” He was a good sport. “This is John Cena admitting that he is not smarter than an exotic dancer,” Cena said.