Updates on WM 25 Tickets, Macho Man, Bella Twins and More

– Mike V. sent the following: I just wanted to pass on some information about the Bella Twins. It appears that Nicole has a tattoo on her pelvic bone just under her waist line. It can be seen in pictures on their myspace page. Brie doesn’t have this tattoo. I noticed on Smackdown last week that “Brie”‘s pants came down a little and you could see the top of the tattoo. So far, this is the only way you can tell them apart.

– SideshowShan sent the following: I just saw a commercial for the Disney animated movie, Bolt. The commercial looked pretty funny, so I looked it up on IMDB and I see that Randy Savage is listed as a voice talent. It doesn’t say what part he’ll be playing, but we’ll know when the movie comes out November 21st.

– Stan sent the following: I saw where WWE is advertising another Triple Threat match between Cena, Batista and Jericho for the December 8 Raw taping over in Philadelphia.

– WrestleMania 25 tickets in the $755, $250 and $40 ranges released for today’s pre-sale have sold out. There are still a number of tickets in the other price ranges left to purchase. The pre=sale continues until tomorrow evening with tickets going on sale to the general public on Saturday morning.

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