Possible Angle for Mysterio/Low Ki, Former Diva Requests Beth Phoenix, More

– Former Diva and Knockout Shelly Martinez was supposed to debut on 11/24 for the AAA promotion in Mexico but she asked for more money and the sides aren’t talking right now. Shelly also actually sent an odd request to AAA saying she wants to come in as a part of a group with Idol Stevens and WWE Diva Beth Phoenix, like they’re all still in OVW.

– There are a lot of talents in AAA unhappy that Teddy Hart and Jack Evans are getting a push. They’re also complaining that Teddy’s girlfriend and manager, Nikki, is getting flown to shows while the undercard talents have to take the buses.

– As noted before, there is talk of having Low Ki feud with Rey Mysterio if WWE signs him. Two of the ideas that were pitched a month or so ago for Low Ki to come in were as a heel Rey Mysterio impostor or a new masked character for Rey to feud with. Rey and MVP are among the WWE Superstars who are pushing for WWE to sign Low Ki.

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