Original Plans for a Charlie Haas Angle, Cena Promoting WM

– John Cena will be in Houston, Texas tomorrow promoting WrestleMania 25. “It’s like nothing else,” Cena told the Houston Chronicle. “You feel the energy of your entire team in the Super Bowl. It transcends entertainment. We wrestle 250 nights a year. WrestleMania is absolutely the most exciting night of all, by far.”

– In the days leading up Cyber Sunday, Honky Tonk Man wasn’t originally scheduled to appear at the event. They didn’t call him until the Thursday before the pay-per-view. In an interview with Live Audio Wrestling, Honky Tonk Man said the original plan at Cyber Sunday was for Charlie Haas to come out dressed as him. “They were originally going to have Charlie Haas dress up and go out and do this,” Ferris said. “The rehab came along very well and Thursday they had called and said ‘can you still do the shake, rattle, and roll?’ and I said ‘well of course I can do that’ and that was case closed.” Ferris is still rehabbing an injury suffered at an autograph signing over the summer when an overzealous publicity person nearly severed his finger when they were horsing around with two guitars. Ferris wasn’t sure if he would be able to make the show as a result, and he didn’t think he would be voted in to the match against Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella. “This voting thing is extremely legitimate. It was a very close race between myself and Piper,” Ferris said. “I went there thinking I wasn’t going to have to do anything either. I’m just making a little cameo appearance, but I ended up being in the ring for about 40-45 seconds and it worked out very well.”