JBL Blogs on the Election, Update on Kevin Thorn

– John Bradshaw Layfield has posted a blog praising Barack Obama for winning yesterday’s U.S. Presidential Election yesterday. “I am especially proud to be an American today. I want to congratulate our country for making a huge leap forward by electing an African-American to the highest office in the land,” JBL wrote. “After riding many years with Ron Simmons, my best friend, The Godfather and Theodore Long and seeing how blacks can still be treated in certain areas, I am very proud that a black man will be president. This is a great day.” JBL notes that he didn’t actually vote for Barack Obama, but he’s proud that he’s the new president.

– Kevin Thorn — who is still employed to WWE — has posted a new blog on the WWE Universe site. He basically tells people to dress how they want to dress and not be afraid. “Why can’t everyday be like Halloween where it ok to dress up, be a little weird, and try to stick out without the worry of are they looking at me funny asking yourself am I to goth, am I to nerdy, am I geek, am I too scared will they make fun of me? THE ANSWER to all these QUESTIONS is YES!! YES!! YES!!,” Thorn wrote. “You know what WHO CARES, because if they are looking at you like that they are wondering if you are doing the same to them.. Everybody has fears and doubts. I KNOW I DID!! That is why I welcome you to the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is for the BROKEN, BRUISED, PICKED ON AND ABUSED!!!” He also posted a photo of himself holding his son, who he took trick or treating for the first time last Friday. Thorn has gone back to his former look in ECW, but with his beard grown in.

The Brotherhood?