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I am absolutely pumped about today’s column, because last nights 800th episode of Raw had an ending that I couldn’t be happier with. Now, I know that WWE creative probably made the move for one reason only, and that has to do with a soon-to-be returning star; but for me, I was excited nonetheless.

Monday Night Raw of course celebrated another milestone last night, with its 800th episode. Not many (if any) other television shows worldwide can lay claim to that kind of feat; and as a reward, us fans were treated to another 3-hour special. There were many things they did that have been done so much before on a 3-hour show that elements didn’t seem to stand out. There was however, enough to keep the fans interest peaked and stay tuned in.

First of all, how cool was it to see both Shane and Stephanie back together on Raw? I thought it was very cool and brought back some old nostaglia feelings of the old Mcmahon family drama. The opening was brilliant as it always is every time the Hardy’s unite together; and to see The Brian Kendrick back on live tv for the night was neat. I do feel bad for MVP however as his losing streak continues and shows no signs of stopping.

Charlie Haas continues his “gimmick infringment” gimmick; last night as The Hitman. Although not his best, I think he held his own against the undefeated Moscow Mauler. I’ve been getting into Koslov more as each week passes and although I still think he’s not ready for the push he’s rumored to be getting, he is intriguing to say the least.

Of course we had the re-uniting of one DX. Always good for a laugh, I do feel that the WWE is sort of over-doing these DX reunions and may be taking the novelty away from it. The reason it was so effective the first time was because there was a span of YEARS between the reunions, now just a few months at a time. Very, very solid match though against Miz and Morrison. Could we be getting the beginnings of a split between the two? I’ve said from the very beginning that Morrison is a special talent, and I think he may be ready for another singles run. Shouldn’t Melina be returning soon too?

So, William Regal will be facing Santino for the IC title next week. Should be interesting, but I see Santino keeping his reign intact. Speaking of weird, Great Khali coming to the aid of Rey Mysterio. It’s about time the WWE tries a face run with this giant. Could work very well and I am anxious to see where it goes from here.

Now, one thing I am very curious about, what is going on with Ted Dibiase? First and foremost, he eliminates his pals from the battle royal, then he interferes in Randy Orton’s match with CM Punk. What I think is Dibiase is trying to separate himself in the eyes of Randy Orton and make a statement showing that he has the most potential of that group. I am very intrigued as to where this storyline goes and it’ll be interesting to see if a stable, led by Orton develops from it.

Then, the big news, the huge news, news so big it’ll make you go into shock. No, it is not the fact that three weeks time the world will finally get a new Guns N’ Roses album (YES!!) It is the fact that once again, we have a new World Heavyweight Champion. His name, Chris Jericho! Now, as excited as I am, I can see where this is going and I know all of you do too. The WWE has set up Jericho vs. Cena at Survivor Series. I like the match, but I am not to excited as to what the outcome could be.

I have no problem with Cena getting the title again, just not right away, and not from Jericho. Think about it, Cena beat Jericho in his last match before Jericho left. The best thing to do would be to have the rivalry come full circle and have Jericho pull out a win. Also, to help Jericho’s character, a win may be needed after the loss at Cyber Sunday.

Overall, I was happy with Raw, and I am very pleased that the belt is back where it belongs; around the waist of a guy who can actually wrestle. Now, we’ll have to sit back and see if the Chain Gang Soldier propels himself right back on top.

Until next time, what do you say?


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