Recap of Kurt Angle on Howard Stern

Source: Dr. Keith Lipinski

Kurt Angle was on the Howard Stern show on Sirius/XM this morning. The segment was longtime Stern caller and punching bag, Eric The Midget, a huge wrestling and American Idol fan. Diana Degarmo from American Idol was there. She said she would soon be involved with TNA, but wouldn’t say what because it was “a secret.” Kurt Angle came into the studio, Howard said he was “looking huge” and immediately asked “aren’t you getting into Boxing?” Kurt quickly replied “MMA, I’m talking to a bunch of companies” They talked about MMA, and Kurt said he was inspired by Howard working on his own (ie going to Sirius) and signed with TNA, instead of that monster WWE. When speaking about the WWE, Kurt said he was “overworked.” Robin Quivers noticed some bruises on Angle’s face, Kurt “my matches aren’t the easiest matches – they’re quite stiff.” Kurt told Howard and company he was “all american linebacker – in high school.” They talked about the Angle’s divorcing “I just got single.” Kurt said “I got a crush on Robin. I dig African American women.” Kurt then spoke to Eric the Midget, who has had a longtime crush on Degermo “Your going to blow it man, this is your ONE AND ONLY CHANCE (to ask her out). It doesn’t matter if she has a boyfriend or not. I’m going to make you an honorary member, I have a group called the main event mafia and you can be a part of it, but you HAVE TO ASK HER OUT!!!!” This was great, as he was totally in angry Kurt mode. Eric tried to ask her out, but she said no. Howard then plugged TNA “something big, something different, breaking away from the tierney of the WWE.” Howard asked Kurt about Vince “he’s a businessman.” He talked about his pill problems “I quit WWE. I needed to go to rehab and he wanted me on the road.” Kurt said at worst he was taking 100 painkillers a day, “I broke my neck four times, so many pain killers to make it thru the day. Vince said ‘you are an olympic gold metalist you can do it (rehab) own your own.” When asked if he spoke with Vince since he quit, “nope, if I spoke with him again I’ll be civil with him, he’s not a father figure anymore. Vince wants the most out of the individual, I don’t want to do business with him.” MMA talk again. Kurt said MMA “its easier then pro wrestling – a lot easier” On Karen and the split “I got her a job in tna and she split, she was a great wife, something happened, we grew apart.” Robin Quivers, replied “you never let them in” the business. Which proves how smart she is to the wrestling business. Kurt said he was thinking of fixing up Karen with Eric the midget. While wrapping up the interview, Donna said she might be “singing” on TNA. Kurt said that anyone (in the press) who messes with Eric will have to deal with the Main Event Mafia. Stern sidekick Artie Lange told Angle “I know what its like to have a boss who won’t let you go to rehab.” Kurt also had advice to Eric to “Live it up, you are on the Howard Stern show.” Of course Kurt was talking about a long running joke where Howard would put baloons on a wheelchair to make Eric fly.