Linda’s Thoughts – SD/Taker/Show and Khali

I have to give Raw the edge over Smackdown this week, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like Smackdown. There was a lot that I liked about the show and only a few things that I didn’t care for. I thought the Smackdown crowd was somewhat dead through out the show while the Raw group just about came alive for everything. But enough of me comparing the two shows. Before I get into Smackdown, I wanted to mention the Evan Bourne item. I don’t know how many of you read that Bourne injured his ankle during the six-man tag team match this past Tuesday night. If you recorded it you can see exactly where his ankle bent under and I feel his pain because that’s what my ankle did when I fell down the stairs two years ago, and let me tell you it HURT. It looks like surgery will not be needed, but he could be out for 4 months. I don’t think ECW will start losing their momentum, but I think they will feel somewhat of a void without him. Okay now let me get on to Smackdown

This is the first time really since Vickie and Edge split that Vickie played her role so well. The opening with sicko Vickie came off really good, Especially since it was a Halloween show. Her promo was quite wicked and creepy and I was so happy to see Vickie and Big Show away from each other. I don’t feel either one is doing the other any favors. Vickie held her own Friday night and even her eerie laugh at the end came off fine. If I had to grade Vickie she would definitely get an A+ from me. But Big Show still isn’t winning me over. I didn’t hate his opening promo but I did exactly like it either, however I will give it to Show for constantly selling the injury that he received from Taker and Cyber Sunday buy constantly rubbing his neck. So all in all Smackdown started on the right foot.

My match of the night was The Miz and Morrison vs. Carlito and Primo. This was a hot match, but my only complaint was, why not end this match with a no contest? It kind of bothered me that the Colon brothers, the tag team champs did the job. I know it was done to make Miz/Morrison look strong going into their match against DX tomorrow on Raw. But it still made the current tag team champions look weak in comparison. So a very good match, but a loss that I wasn’t too thrilled about. I did not like he Magician segment with the magician (duh), Maria, Jesse and Festus. Again I understand it was to push the show for the network, but for me it was a time waster.  The next match ended way too fast, and I’m talking about The Brian Kendrick vs. John Wayne Yang. Man if Vince would have made this a lot longer than a couple of minutes it could have been the top match of the night. Had this gone longer it really would have show cased The Brian and Yang’s talents. But the little we got really came off well.

I’m not sure what to say about the Kiss Kam with Khali and his mouthpiece Ranjin Singh. I think Singh has been awesome on the mic and I really like watching this Khali as a face. But I don’t know how much longer we can keep watching this Kiss Kam stuff. They need to progress this angle. I don’t know exactly how they can move on but week after week of the same thing is not going to help Khali. With that said I will say one more time I like the smiley Khali and bringing him out with this Kiss Kam is a good way to keep him from wrestling without being off TV. You know there was another hot match, and maybe I should have made this one my match of the night. I’m talking about The Hardy’s and Rey Mysterio vs. MVP, Kane and Mark Henry. Hey you talk about a fast paced match, well this was it. Along with the Miz/Morrison match this gave Smackdown two very solid matches of the night. Unfortunately MVP jobbed again, and unless this is going to become a major storyline about MVP consistently losing, I would say the losing streak is really pissing off a number of MVP’s fans. If I were Vince I would seriously think about what this is doing to the fans and maybe reconsider making him the jobber of Smackdown.

So Jeff Hardy is out, and Kozlov is in, well at least this Friday night he was. The confrontation between Kozlov and Triple H finally happened and it came off okay. I wouldn’t say that this was a hell of a segment because it wasn’t but this was one time when the San Diego fans really popped. As soon as Triple H started comparing the Rocky lV movie to their situation the crowd started chanting USA. As I said this was a fair segment, and maybe I’m not raving about it because I’m not sure I’m ready for Kozlov going after the title. I have a feeling Kozlov will beat Taker next week for the number one contendership. The next match was with Brie Bella, Michelle McCool and Maria vs. Natalya, Victoria and Maryse. I enjoyed this one maybe because Victoria came out in her banana costume and gave it her all. I am really enjoying Maryse week after week, I think she’s a hell of a heel and the only two that leave me somewhat cold are Maria and McCool. I think McCool needs to turn heel because as a face her acting has gotten worse and worse. And Maria? I think Maria lost it for me when her Playboy cover came out. She went from playing a funny airhead to becoming a serious “brilliant” woman and I don’t like it. I miss her old character very much. But this was a good match and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we get Maria going after the Women’s title against the heel champion, McCool.

The main event wasn’t much. I remember last year when Chavo vs. Undertaker took place. And I thought that was a pretty damn good match. This wasn’t much and I found it odd that Chavo got so much offense on Taker. And of course Big Show ran in and went after Taker. All this main event was about was continuing the Show/Taker feud. So while Chavo and Taker did nothing for me I definitely liked things once Big Show got in there. If we can get another pay per view match with Show and Taker like their Cyber Sunday match, then I say let the feud continue.

So a good Smackdown, not a great one but a good one and I am now ready for tomorrow’s three hour Raw. Not only are we getting Batista vs. Jericho in a Steel Cage match, but also Stephanie and Shane will be there as well as the DX taking on Miz and Morrison. Since the show will be three hours long Vince has a chance to give the fans some very strong matches. Let’s hope we get three hours of EXCELLENT viewing.

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