The Jey Files – Dont Waste the Talent

                Its The Jey Files yall and before I start, let me just say…GO TITANS! 7-0 baby and no one saw us comin!


                One thing I wanted to cover in this column is wasted talent. There’s quite a few guys out there at the moment who I feel just aren’t going anywhere but they should be on top of the game (no pun intended for the Smackdown roster). The main wrestler out of everyone out there is MVP. He just keeps losing and losing and for what? I think he has the capability to be a top guy and have a wrestling legacy along side Triple H and Chris Jericho but WWE is making him look like a joke. The losing streak he has had for a while obviously hurts but getting beat by Kung Fu Naki REALLY damages his reputation more than anything. And besides that, his finishing moves leave a lot to be desired. The Playmaker was about as devastating as the F-U was and the boot to the head move he has been doing really doesn’t do much either, that move is usually reserved for guys twice his size. WWE really needs to stop letting this talent go to waste and put him on another brand at least, or give him the right push on Smackdown ASAP before he jumps ship. Maybe this is punishment, maybe its apart of a storyline. But whatever the reason it needs to stop or people are going to start calling him Smackdown’s highest paid jobber.


                The next guy I want to talk about isn’t so much of a waste, just kind of out of place. AJ Styles is a guy who you have no choice but to respect. I don’t mean he is out of place as in where he is, I don’t ever want to see him leave TNA. He is Mr. TNA in my opinion, no one else in that company captures what TNA is about more than him. But come on, he is in his prime now and what does he have to show for it? The TNA World Belt really doesn’t have any prestige behind it. Someone needs to come along, hold the belt for a long time and have strong caliber matches each month defending the title to build up its reputation. And AJ Styles is the only man in TNA to do it. Remember when RVD was the Television Title holder back in ECW? His matches against Jerry Lynn most defiantly where at a huge caliber, and the TV Title’s prestige was at the same or if not more importance as the ECW World Title. That’s what its going to come down to, TNA putting their belt on someone who can make a name for it. They have all the vets there to carry the TNA torch for the moment, now they just need someone to hold the belt and make it mean something. The only thing I see going bad with that is people will start to think that Jeff Jarrett really is a 12 time Heavyweight champion….ugh. And real quick while I’m talking about TNA, after watching iMPACT this week…wow. I gotta say I was shocked. I can honestly respect their attempt to do something new. But what’s with the fake ass Evolution they got out now? The “Main Event Mafia” is just an example of TNA trying to cash in on everyone else’s success instead of creating something for themselves. And the “TNA Originals??? Yea, we haven’t heard THAT one before. What’s next, are we gonna see the “Cell From Hell” match and the “Random Order Chamber” come out of TNA? Ugh. I’m honestly trying to get into TNA since I haven’t been finding WWE very interesting lately. But between the obvious copies of other things that have happened in past promotions and the lame acting, it’s REALLY hard. But I can see them being big players, it’s only a matter of time.


                Another one of the guys out there is Shelton Benjamin. He has more athletic ability out there than ¾’s of the roster on WWE, yet he really doesn’t seem to just have something to complete him as a heel. I think as a baby face guys don’t need a certain edge about them at times. CM Punk really does have an edge besides his straight edge life style, but that doesn’t do anything for his wrestling career. Just like his partner Kofi Kingston, they both have something bigger than the edge that most superstars need. I think it needs to be the exact same thing for Shelton Benjamin. What happened to the man who bragged that he had more wins of Triple H than anyone on RAW? He was one of the most popular guys on RAW at that time, and he needs to go back to that. Sure, he has the US Belt at the moment. But how many times has he defended it? I personally can’t remember more than once and that was just last Sunday. What does that prove? Nothing. Santino doesn’t need to defend his belt because he has the edge that makes him different. Everyone is big on R-Truth at the moment, let’s get away from the Punjabi Playboy angle that’s oh so much about wrestling and get them some TV time. In this day in age, athletic ability alone sadly doesn’t give you anything in the props department hardly so WWE really needs to do something with him fast


                Speaking of fast, man has Jimmy Wang Yang gotten better or what? I didn’t think that his match with Brian Kendrick would have been that great at first but man he hung right in there with Kendrick. He has always been talented but he looked his best in that match up. I know I’ve said it before, but they need to bring the Cruiserweight belt to ECW and give it to guys like Yang because it’s a shame their not getting noticed. And then maybe people will care about what happens on that brand again.


                Now, this next part isn’t so much on the wasted talent portion, but more on the “What’s Wrong with WWE” side. Calling their superstars now “entertainers” is really a huge pile of B.S. I know other guys have covered this on their columns and I just want to agree with them all when they say it’s a slap in the face to anyone working for WWE and have worked their whole life to get to where they are. WWE, you’re a publicly funded company. You’re not going to be able to get out of paying taxes when you’re on Wall Street.


                Something else I’d like to see is the use of matches that aren’t used all the time. Since the Money in the Bank match is a match only at Wrestlemania but can be used at anytime during the year, why not have a Money in the Bank match at the Royal Rumble? The winner of it can challenge anyone of the two champions not featured in the main event match. Or let’s bring back the Empty Arena matches. The two that I have seen where pretty good, it look a lot better since it wasn’t in front of a live crowd and was a lot more controlled. I didn’t catch the Punjabi Prison match between Khali and Batista, but it seemed like it would be pretty good with the right wrestlers in it. One match that was under rated in my opinion was the Elimination Chamber match with Extreme Rules at December to Dismember. It really put that extra flavor in that match in my personal opinion, and watching that match was pretty entertaining even though I was watching it on DVD after the PPV had been over a year old and I knew the outcome already.


                In closing I just want to say…WHAT THE HELL?!?! Jeff Hardy is obviously the more popular Hardy brother. Yet Matt has the ECW belt (which I don’t think means much at all), and Jeff keeps losing to this dull and long reign of Triple H as champ. Please someone take the belt off of him. I was really hoping Kozlov would have been voted in at Cyber Sunday and they had a Triple Threat match, because the title change was probably guaranteed. But, like a normal Hardy brother, you gotta put your money against them because they normally fall short thanks to the writing staff. Jeff Hardy needs to build himself up in WWE like he was in TNA. I can remember the Monsters Ball 2 match between Jeff Hardy, Sabu, Abyss and Rhino. It was hands down one of the best matches I have ever had the chance to watch. Jeff towards the end does a Swanton from at least 20 or 30 plus feet in the air onto Abyss who was lying on a table. It was extraordinary to see and he looked like a main eventer among other main eventers.  Let’s get Jeff back on that track WWE and stop hurting his legacy already.


Love it or hate it, that’s my opinion. As always, be sure to hit me up with your e-mail at [email protected] or at Later peeps!