Shane and Stephanie on RAW, WWE Stars’ Physiques, More

– The latest issue of the U.K.-based Power Slam magazine has an insider tidbit on the discrepancy between the physiques of certain main eventers in World Wrestling Entertainment, and the rest of the roster. No one Power Slam talked to in WWE was able to explain why certain main eventers have managed to maintain their “video game physiques,” whereas the rest of wrestlers’ bodies have shrunk to natural-looking proportions. Power Slam wrote: “Speaking to people inside WWE, no one seems to be able to explain how certain main eventers are managing to maintain their video game phyisques, while most other WWE wrestlers’ bodies have shrunk to natural-looking proportions.”

– In case you haven’t noticed, changed their video format this past week. They’re now posting their videos in the Flash file format – like YouTube – instead of the Windows Media Player format, which wouldn’t load for some Firefox users. Also, the video quality has improved as they’ve begun airing their video content in HD.

– If you missed our Vince McMahon recap earlier this morning, he noted on Bubba the Love Sponge that Stephanie and Shane McMahon would be on RAW this coming Monday night to decide if Mike Adamle needs to be fired as General Manager or not.

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