Bourne’s Injury and RAW, Randy Orton’s Ring Return, More

– The injury to Evan Bourne came after he did a flip dive on to Bam Neely. Bam caught Bourne fine but when he landed, his leg got caught underneath Neely. Bourne’s injury is going to cancel a planned Bourne and Mysterio vs. Kane and Mark Henry match that was planned for the three-hour RAW.

– Randy Orton is scheduled to be back in the ring either at this week’s coming RAW or the next week’s show. Orton is advertised for RAW shows in Europe during the middle of next week.

– Even though WWE is throwing around the 800th episode title for this week’s coming three-hour RAW, the actual 800th episode happened on 9/22, so this week will be the 806th episode. Technically this is the celebration for doing 800 shows.

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  • Todd

    Dish Network listed the “800th” episode of Raw as episode #792… Do you know why?

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