Update on WWE & Dos Caras, WWE Diva Name Change

– Mexican wrestler Dos Caras Jr. said on 10/26 that everything is almost finalized for him to formally join the WWE in January as all that is left to do is work out his notice to EMLL and pass the medical tests he must pass to be cleared to wrestle in the United States. Dos said that he has been satisfied with his career so far but now is the time to make his big career move and he hopes to bring what he has learned over the years to the WWE with him to stand out among the rest of their superstars.

Dos knows that some fans and some wrestlers don’t want him to leave but it’s like that whenever anyone leaves a promotion to go to another one. Dos said that the fans are the true judges of their work and they know what kind of respect he has for his profession and the image that he has worked hard to maintain for his family. Dos said that he knows he will have to make some adjustments when he enters the WWE because it is totally different than working for EMLL and he would have to walk before he could run but he plans on studying the wrestlers and how they wrestle so he could accommodate himself to their styles and their fans. Dos did say though that he has unfinished business in Mexico with Dr. Wagner Jr. and he wants to take his UWA World Heavyweight Title so he can be the true heavyweight champion in Mexico before he leaves then vacate both titles on his way out.

– Alice sent the following: WWE RAW Diva Layla El is being advertised for future appearances as Layla London, so apparently that’s her new official on camera name now that she’s with William Regal.

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