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Sting Talks About His Run in TNA and Going to WWE

Posted by Marc Middleton in TNA News
Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

– Steve Borden, better known as , says he intends to call it a career sometime in 2009. He thought the end would have been this year, but the Young Blood vs. Old Generation storyline has reinvigorated him for a final run in TNA.

“I don’t know when it will end for sure, but as long as I stay healthy into 2009. But how far into 2009 I don’t know,” Sting told the U.K. Sun. “Actually it’s over the last couple of years it seems the thought has been in-and-out… these thoughts of retirement and everything else but under the circumstances I think that I want to stick it out for one last and this is THE last hurrah.”

Sting says he doesn’t want to embarrass himself, TNA, or Spike TV if he can no longer wrestle at an acceptable level. Related to Spike, though, he would like to see more support from the network.

“The other thing I’m hoping for is a bigger commitment from our channel Spike TV and seeing them even further step up to the plate,” Sting said about what could help TNA continue to grow. “I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying that – this might be the last you see of me on TV!”

Sting is concerned about the future of wrestling, as has been evident in the TV storyline and is evident in this interview. He doesn’t want TNA to follow the same path WCW took, he says.

“I want to protect wrestling and TNA so we don’t se another WCW story. I want to start laying the foundations now with some of the younger guys,” he said. “Despite everything, the Samoa Joes, the A.J. Styles, they are the future. I’m not, they are. And I honestly do want some of the younger guys to remember and look back and reflect and say: ‘You know, he really wasn’t out for himself.'”

Sting’s dream match in TNA is against A.J. Styles after wrestling at . He would still like one dream match against The , but he has no desire to wrestle in WWE despite it representing a void in his career.

“WWE (is) a worldwide, huge, massive machine and always have been. The guys that have had any kind of run up there are now recognized all over the world, he said. “If there was something missing in my career, that would be it.”


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