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SPOILERS: WWE SmackDown! Tapings Results (10/31)

Posted by Vegas Martin in SmackDown! Results, WWE News
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Credit: Ryan Gray, Wrestling News World

Dark Match:
* b. Curt Hawkins
– King Fu Naki got the win via pinfall. The crowd was behind him the entire match.

* A Raw 15th Anniversary video package is shown.

SmackDown: (Airing this Friday)
* comes out dressed up as a sailor, is a marine.

* SmackDown opens with Vickie Guerrero, , and all beside a casket. Vickie taunts and picks Chavo to face him in a Casket Match.

* The pyros explode and Jim Ross and Tazz welcome fans to the show.

* John Morrison & The Miz b. WWE Tag Team Champions & Primo Colon in a non-title mastch.
– John Morrison got the pin on Carlito for the win. Referee Charles Robinson botched the finish as he counted to three and rang the bell on the wrong finish. The Tag Champs go to the back confused.

* Jimmy Wang Yang comes out in a Cowboy outfit. He’s dressed as “John Wayne Yang.” He asks the crowd about his costume. Yang then heads to the back to re-do the segment as they didn’t announce him as John Wayne Yang and give him a mic…

* Jimmy Wang Yang vs. The
– The Brian Kendrick is disqualified when Ezekiel Jackson interferes. After the bell rings Jackson and Kendrick attack Jimmy Wang Yang.

* Backstage, and Rajin Singh are walking when Kung Fu Naki comes up to them and says something. Khali speaks and Singh translates as “size matters” as they keep walking to the ring.

* The Great Khali and Rajin Singh come to the ring as they launch t-shirts into the crowd. Khali then does the Kiss Cam. They find him a woman dressed as a witch to kiss. Khali doesn’t want to kiss her but the crowd cheers him on. He kisses her. She then asks for a French kiss. Rajin Singh instructs her to take off her mask and Khali lays one on her! The witch faints as Khali wipes his face.

* , , & b. , , & in a six-man tag team match.
– Rey Mysterio receives a huge pop. Usual back and forth action with Rey taking out Kane on the outside. Jeff Hardy got the win following a swanton bomb.

* comes out to the ring. He says he should have been in the title match at . He says he wants a shot at the title next. comes out to confront him. They both exchange words and get face-to-face. Kozlov leaves the ring. pumps up the crowd and does some poses before heading to the back.

* , Brie Bella, & Maria b. Victoria, Natalya, & in a six-diva tag match
– Maria gets the wing with a top rope cross-body.

* R-Truth vs. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin for the title is announced for next week’s SmackDown.

* Undertaker b. Chavo Guerrero in a Casket Match
– Chavo comes out first. Undertaker is out next to the biggest pop of the night. Big Show comes out and waits at the top of the ramp. Undertaker gets the win after hitting the tombstone on Chavo, rolling him into the casket, and slamming it shut. After the match Big Show attacks Undertaker.

2 Responses to SPOILERS: WWE SmackDown! Tapings Results (10/31):

  1. MadFriar

    Date: Oct 29, 2008 at 12:37 am

    What isn’t mentioned is that there was a dark cage match afterwards where Rey Mysterio defeats Kane after being thrown to the top rop, then quickly climbs out of the cage for the hometown victory.

  2. GTA

    Date: Oct 29, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Because nobody needs to know about a dark match, it’s only for the Live Audience to leave home happy

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