Jim Ross Speaks On Shawn Michaels Retiring, Russo, More

Jim Ross updated the Q & A on his website JRsBarBQ.com. The following items are among the highlights:

On Todd Grisham: “Todd broadcast one whole hour per week…42 minutes…he’s young and he’s getting TV exposure on the WWE’s longest running broadcast. I’d say Todd has a great deal.”

On Vince Russo’s 1999 storyline that had J.R. turn heel: “Not “offended” as it was merely a misguided idea that was designed to fail. I think the goal was for me to get frustrated and leave the company. Not being a quitter that wasn’t going to happen. TV time should be devoted to those that sell PPV’s and merchandise. I think I have been involved in more in ring type scenarios than any announcer ever which isn’t that big a deal to me. I’d rather simply be an announcer.”

On Shawn Michaels retiring: “HBK earns big money, works a schedule that he is ok with and is still the best big match wrestler in the biz. Shawn is at a place as to where if he is unhappy he won’t be around. The WWE needs HBK much more than Shawn needs them.”

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