What You Didn’t See On WWE’s Cyber Sunday PPV

Credit: WrestleZone.com

Thanks to Jake Altersitz for sending in this live report:

Not too much happened off camera, but here goes.

They let the fans in the arena around 4pm. People were pretty upset about that. Some had been waiting in line since 10am. And it’s still pretty warm in Phoenix, it was in the mid 80s-low 90s. We got in and we started with the other male ring announcer (not Chimmell) welcoming us to the show. The place filled to about 85% capacity, the half of the upper deck above the cameras was tarped off. They ran a video package prior to the US Title match showing the WWE’s popularity around the world. Both presidential candidates were in the video. McCain got booed and Obama got a huge pop. Kinda funny considering McCain is “from” Arizona. After the predictable US Title match Lillian sang the National Anthem. She has a phenomenal singing voice.

The fans weren’t as hot or as into it as I expected. Usually Phoenix crowds are pretty good.
Most of the crowd was pretty shocked the Cryme Tyme-M&M match was picked. Most people expected the Tag Title match.

The crowd was dead during the divas competition.

Evan Bourne was over huge with the crowd.

People were really into the last 2 matches, I didn’t see many people in their seats.

After the show Batista celebrated his title victory with Austin. They drank a whole case of beer. Austin gave a cheers so hard he knocked a beer out of Batista’s hand. Batista posed with the belt for a bit, then walked up the ramp.

Then Lillian thanked everyone for attending, said “We love you Phoenix, good night!” And that was the end.

My friends and I ran into Todd Grisham in the parking garage. He’s really nice guy.

Biggest Pop:
Stone Cold
Jeff Hardy
Triple H
Evan Bourne
Rey Mysterio

Biggest Heat:
Vickie Guerrero
The Miz
Jericho (although it was split down the middle).

All in all, it was a great show!