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Last night, it was you, the WWE Universe who decided the fate of the WWE superstars. There, I said it, I plugged the whole “WWE Universe” and that will be the last time you guys hear me refer to us fans as a Universe. That being said, last night was the annual interactive ppv, Cyber Sunday. I don’t know about you, but this year it seemed a little less hyped than in the past and some of the choices were just “blah.” I felt there was no real excitement going into this ppv. That said, I’d like everyone to know that I was unable to watch it and only got the results via world wide web.

I’ll tell you some of the things I did like from reading the results. First and foremost Evan Bourne has been a shining diamond since getting the call up to the main rosters. Last night, the fans showed just how much they are behind him when they gave him a shot at the ECW world title. From everything I read, Bourne and Hardy put on one hell of a match and I’d love to see these two tangle again. Evan Bourne belongs in the WWE and will easily be a main event player in the very near future. After all, he is Matt Sydal from RoH.

I can say that I also liked Cryme Tyme facing Miz and John Morrison. I say this because I am a big fan of Morrison, and Cryme Tyme deserves more respect than they get anyway. I am glad to see Morrison get a chance to showcase his skills once again on a ppv. I am very surprised however, that CM Punk and Kofi Kingston didn’t get the nod to face Dibiase and Rhodes. As much as all four of these guys are over with the crowd, and as much as people complain (me included) that tag title matches are few and far between, I was surprised they didn’t get the vote.

Either way, I am proud that Miz/Morrison and Cryme Tyme got that spot in the end. The Diva’s Halloween Costume Contest was also very cool. Speaking from a guy’s perspective I was very pleaed with how this came off. My personal vote would have probably gone to Maryse, but that’s just me.

I was also glad to see Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth get something. Why these two weren’t showcased on the ppv itself is beyond me. These two have been a solid pleasure to watch each week on Smackdown and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter holds. Now, if ya feel me, stand up and say “What’s up!”

Jeff Hardy wins the vote and faces Triple h for the WWE title. I am very happy with this result, because these two have awesome chemistry and each time they lock up, its a pleasure to watch. I also still stand by my pick and say that Triple H will carry the belt to Wrestlemania and face Jeff Hardy there after Hardy wins the Rumble. So, please Jeff Hardy, no more mistakes and this just might be your year.

Santino Marella faced the Honky Tonk Man himself; and retains via dq. This fits because his reign is not ended, therefore he can still go on and try to match Honky Tonk Man for longest reign ever. I liked how this came off, and I also liked how all three choices got involved at the end. I must say that both Piper and Honky Tonk man looked to be in very good shape for their age; and Goldust also appears to be getting back into decent shape as well. This could be good as I could see a lenghty program between Santino and all three of these guys through Wrestlemania!

Now, some things I didn’t really care for. One, the fued between Kane and Mysterio needs to end. The whole premise of the storyline was ruined when they called Mysterio back early from injury after Cena went down with his. Mysterio was supposed to be scarred, mentally and physically, and yet we’ve seen none of the sort. A fairly decent program overall, hampered by the inconsitent story behind it.

I like Undertaker and Big Show, however I feel tat their program hasn’t really taken off. Vickie and Big Show don’t have the chemistry that Edge/Vickie did and it has really shown. Now that ‘Taker has beaten the Big Show, I say let’s all move on.

Last but not least, I am not happy with Batista winning the World Title from Jericho. I think this decision just made Jericho’s win lose credibility. I understand that perhaps they did it to show that Jericho truly had the odds against him, but in the end I would have had him weasel his way out once again and continue his strong program with either Batista or HBK. In reality, where can they go from here with Batista as the champ? Fight Jericho, fight Orton when he returns, and fight Cena when he returns, then drop the belt back to him. Awesome. Predictable much?

In the end, I can say that Cyber Sunday appeares to have come off okay. However, I am eagerly awaiting what the WWE has in store for the latest Batista title run. Probably going to face JBL at Survivor Series. Why? Well because the WWE universe hasn’t seen that before!


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