JR Blog: Cyber Sunday, Funaki and Austin Updates, More

Jim Ross is back with yet another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– Not being unbiased whatsoever, I thought the two Smackdown bouts at Cyber Sunday were the best bouts of the night. The ‘Taker-Show heavyweight fight was physical and had a really good pace. There’s no doubt that both men will be sore as Hell for a few days. Yes, I know the MMA name for the submission ‘Taker used but the WWE isn’t MMA. Perhaps “The Death Valley Vice” would be a decent name for the hold. That’s not my call. However I do think we will see the hold again. Why wouldn’t we?

– The WWE Title bout delivered and Jeff Hardy getting the popular vote shouldn’t have surprised anyone. HHH and Jeff have excellent chemistry and I really enjoyed their wrestling match. Nice ebb and flow, counters, and near falls. Both men, in my view, were elevated after the contest. Some will lament Hardy not winning the title but I am one that thinks the WWE title is still in the cards for the popular young man from North Carolina.

– Stone Cold looked great at 248 pounds and had to fly back to Vancouver right after the PPV to begin work Monday morning at 5 on the film of which he is starring. Steve filmed several fight scenes last week and broke one of his adversary’s nose in an especially physical scene. Steve hopes to wrap the film just before Thanksgiving. He is going to try and make an Oklahoma bowl game if schedules permit and my Sooners earn a bowl op.

– Yes, last week I used Ricky Steamboat in the same sentence w/ Funaki, not because I was equating Funaki w/ the Dragon, but because Ricky has been working with Funaki on his in ring work.