WWE Cyber Sunday Results – October 26, 2008

U.S. Championship
Cyber Sunday Preview Match

Shelton Benjamin vs. (WWE Universe chooses challenger)

R-Truth gets an early quick cover and the opening advantage. Tazz and Jim Ross are on commentary.

Shelton begins a counter by catapulting R-Truth up, causing him to catch his chin on the top ring rope. Benjamin applies a side headlock on the mat. Killings gets to his feet and back him down with elbows. Shelton backs him into the corner but Killings fights out. They exchange right hands.
R-Truth hits a big dropkick on Shelton. He follows with a corkscrew forearm. R-Truth goes to the top rope with Shelton down on the mat. Shelton gets up, jumps to the top turnbuckle. Truth goes off the top rope with a missile dropkick. R-Truth gets a two count.

Benjamin counters R-Truth’s impressive offensive attack and steals the win with the pinfall.
Winner & still US Champion – Shelton Benjamin

WWE Cyber Sunday Opener:
We’re live on pay-per-view with a promo of WWE workers talking about the live vote. The top workers tell fans how important that it is that they cast their vote. The promos were filmed behind a white background that looked pretty generic.

We’re live from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The pyros explode as the camera pans the crowd. Michael Cole welcomes us to ‘entertainment’s greatest form of democracy’.

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
(WWE Universe chooses type of match)

Rey Mysterio comes to ringside first. He is introduced by Lilian Garcia. We’re still awaiting the official voting result.

Todd Grisham comes out to reveal the voting results. He announces that voting has ceased.
Fans pick the stipulation:

No Holds Barred 39
2-Out Of 3 Falls – 26
Falls Count Anywhere – 35

Kane comes out for this No Holds Barred Match against Rey Mysterio. Kane sends Mysterio outside of the ring. He grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and takes it to Kane. Kane gets back in the ring, Mysterio follows with the kendo stick. Mysterio tries to hit Kane over the head with a STOP sign but Kane counters with a big boot.

Kane goes on the offensive, kicking Mysterio’s face into the steel ring post from the inside of the ring. Kane gets on the outside and uses cable from the outside to bend Mysterio’s body. Kane gets Rey on the outside and bangs hi back into the steel ring post on the outside. Kane dumps Mysterio back into the ring and gets a two count.

Kane is in complete control of the match. He whips Mysterio into the turnbuckles. Kane bends down and asks Mysterio how it feels. Kane hits a scoop slam on Mysterio. He follows with a leg drop. Kane gets a near fall.

Kane hits a backbreaker on Mysterio. On one knee, Kane bends Mysterio over his knee. The referee checks for submission. Mysterio fights out with some right hands.

Mysterio takes a stiff shot to the jaw from Kane’s foot. Kane applies a submission hold on Mysterio on the mat. Kane backs Mysterio in the counter as Rey counters. Kane delivers a devastating right hand, sending Mysterio down to the mat. Another backbreaker followed by the backbreaker submission hold. Referee checks for submission.

Mysterio kicks Kane in the face in a counter. Mysterio kicks Kane in the face and ends up hitting a bulldog. Both men are down but Mysterio gets up first. He hits a kick to the head of Kane, setting up the 619. Mysterio goes at Kane but he explodes with a clothesline counter followed by a two count.

Kane goes to the outside for a chair. He folds it up and throws it into the ring. King jokes that it’s JR’s chair. Mysterio lands a kick on the chair, Kane counters, but Mysterio counters with his high-flying antics. Mysterio gives Kane a chair shot to the face. He goes for the cover and gets a two count.
Mysterio goes off the top rope but Kane counters with a right hand right up under his chin. Kane gets a two count on Mysterio. Kane to the outside. He grabs the steel ring stairs.

Kane throws the steel steps in the ring then gets in himself. Mysterio is down on the mat. Kane sets the steps up in the corner of the ring. Kane picks Mysterio up and tries to slam him in the steps. Mysterio escapes, Kane goes for a chokeslam, Rey counters out and hits a drop toe hold. Kane’s face slams off the steps. Mysterio goes high-flying on Kane, getting a two count.

Mysterio hits Kane several times with a steel chair. He sets Kane up for the 619 but Kane gets up and goes for a chokeslam. Rey counters with a hurricanrana followed by the 619, a springboard splash, and the three count.
Winner – Rey Mysterio

Chris Jericho tells Team Priceless and Manu that he respects how they cost CM Punk the World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho tells them to do the same thing they did to Punk to Batista tonight. Rhodes tells Jericho that they aren’t doing his dirty work and that they are pretty busy. DiBiase says that they’re looking forward to watching his title match tonight and that it should be priceless with the odds stacked against him.

ECW Championship
Matt Hardy vs. (WWE Universe chooses challenger)

Todd Grisham, Teddy Long, and Tiffany are at the Cyber Sunday control center which is at the top of the ramp. Teddy Long says he can’t wait to see what Tiffany looks like in her Halloween costume. Long introduces ECW Champion Matt Hardy to ringside.
Todd Grisham joins Matt Striker at the ECW announce table (wow, that was quick). Matt Hardy gets in the ring and holds the ECW Championship belt high. Here are the voting results:

Fans choose opponent for Matt Hardy:
Finlay – 6%
Mark Henry – 25%
Evan Bourne – 69%

Evan Bourne comes out and gets in the ring. The bell rings and the match is underway. Hardy and Bourne lockup as Bourne tries to gain the opening control. Hardy applies a side headlock on the challenger. Hardy sends Bourne down with two shoulder blocks. Bourne counters with his quick style.

The fans seem heavily for Hardy. Bourne gets a headlock on Matt but he battles out. Hardy sends Bourne down to the Matt and gets a quick cover for one. Hardy uses a submission hold to score various counts from the referee.

Bourne trips Hardy and gets another unorthodox cover. Bourne goes off the ropes and hits head scissors. Hardy hits Bourne with a forearm when he tries to springboard over the top rope. Bourne is sent to the outside. Hardy gets him back in the ring and goes to work. Hardy puts a bicep across Bourne’s jaw for a two count.

Evan Bourne counters and starts to work the left shoulder of Matt Hardy. Bourne brings Hardy to the mat for a submission maneuver. Hardy gets to his feet and backs Bourne down. Bourne hits a standing moonsault on Hardy for a two count.

Evan Bourne lands a vicious kick to the temple of Matt Hardy. Bourne goes to the top rope. Hardy rolls out of the ring to a course of boos. Bourne goes to the apron and is tripped when he goes for a springboard. Hardy hits a scoop slam on Bourne on the outside.

Hardy puts Bourne back in the ring and gets a two count. Hardy hits a scoop slam in the ring. He follows with another. Hardy goes to the middle rope where he connects an elbow to the back of Bourne’s head. Hardy gets a two count. Matt Hardy applies an abdominal stretch on Bourne. The referee checks for submission as now it’s a surfboard bow and arrow submission hold. Bourne counters out but walks right into a clothesline.

Hardy kicks Bourne in the face and goes for splash mountain, Bourne counters with head scissors. Bourne delivers heavy shots but walks into a Side Effect. Hardy gets a two count. Hardy gives Bourne a second Side Effect for another two count. The crowd doesn’t know who to root for. Hardy goes off the middle rope but walks into a heel kick from Evan Bourne.

Bourne works on Hardy with kicks, he flips off the top road, using them as a springboard for a two count. Bourne hits another kick for another two count. Bourne goes to the top rope and land on Matt Hardy, he gets a near fall two count.

Bourne misses a heel kick but he’s caught up in a roll-up. Hardy gets a two count. Bourne connects on an inverted DDT type maneuver . Bourne goes to the top rope but Hardy follows. Bourne sends Hardy down, goes for the Shooting Star Press, but nobody home on the landing. Matt Hardy kicks him, goes for Twist of Fate, and is caught in a backslide for a two count. Hardy hits Twist of Fate for the three count.
Winner & still ECW Champion – Matt Hardy

After the match, Hardy shook hands with Bourne and helped him to his feet.

Divas Halloween Costumes
Beth Phoenix is a knight
Jillian is dressed as Batman
Maria is a bunny
Kelly Kelly is a sailor

Pick the Tag Team Match
The voting was to pick the match. Here are the official results:
Jamie Noble & Mickie James vs. William Regal & Layla – 27%
Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz & John Morrison – 38%
World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase CM Punk & Kofi Kingston – 35%

I can’t believe that the World Tag Team Championship match wasn’t voted in. Cryme Tyme comes out first followed by Miz and Morrison. JTG and Morrison are going to start things out.

JTG backs Morrison into the corner but Morrison battles out and applies a side headlock. JTG reverses it to one of his own. JTG sends Morrison down to the mat for a quick cover. Morrison hits an uppercut and sends JTG off the ropes. The Miz is tagged in but he eats a JTG dropkick.

Shad is tagged in as he takes out The Miz. Shad drops Miz for repeated slams followed by a tag and a Cryme Tyme double team. JTG gets a two count on The Miz. Miz bangs JTG’s head off the top turnbuckle and tags in John Morrison. Morrison kicks away at JTG in the ring.

Shad tags in as they have a Cryme Tyme double team. The Miz gets involved and is tossed out of the ring onto Morrison. Shad picks JTG up and throws him over the top rope onto Morrison and Miz. JTG goes over and high-gives Jerry Lawler.

Shad gets a two count on John Morrison. Morrison finally starts to counter as he isolates Shad in his corner. The Miz is tagged in for the double team. Miz works the leg of Shad in the ring.
Miz tags in Morrison who continues to work on Shad in the ring. Morrison is working on the ring leg of Shad. He applies a half Boston Crab.

Morrison wrenches back as Shad finally gets out. Morrison makes a quick tag. The Miz goes right back to the leg of Shad. He finally counters out and tags in JTG. Miz is greeted by JTG’s high pace offense.

JTG tries to go off the top rope but he’s distracted by Morrison and The Miz capitalizes. Shad and Morrison get into it on the outside. In the ring The Miz gets a two count on JTG. Miz and Morrison double team JTG with a double gut buster.

Morrison loudly insults the fans as The Miz gets a cheap shot on JTG. Morrison stomps JTG in the head and goes for another cover. Two count on JTG. Morrison tags Miz in for another double team.

Miz is the legal man as he gets a cover on JTG. Miz applies a submission hold on JTG. JTG tries to get to his feet but The Miz pulls him down with the submission hold. The crowd tries to get into it as JTG gets to his feet and backs Miz down with elbows. Miz takes him to the mat and Morrison tags himself in. JTG plops up off a catapult and knocks Miz off the apron. Shad ends up tagged in and taking out Morrison with his power.

Shad gets a two count on John Morrison. Morrison counters and nearly steals the win with his feet on the ropes. JTG makes the save on the outside, Miz confronts him. Shad slams Morrison in the ring which prompts Miz to break up a three count. The referee tries to regain control as Miz gets a cheap shot on Shad. Morrison hits the Midnight ride and gets the three count on Shad for the win.
Winners – The Miz & John Morrison

Divas Halloween Costumes
Tiffany is a nun
Brie Bella is Cleopatra
Natayla is a cop
Eve is a Ninja Turtle

We’re backstage with Chris Jericho asking someone to be in his corner to even things out. The camera zooms out and he’s talking to The Great Khali. Raijin Singh is with him and translating. Khali speaks in his native tongue to Jericho, Singh says that The Great Khali says no.

Intercontinental Championship
Santino Marella vs. (WWE Universe chooses challenger)

WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella and WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix come out to ringside. Santino thanks the fans that are booing him. He does a Honk-A-Meter segment.
64 weeks from Honky Tonk to Santino’s 11, as Santino says in one week and one year that he will be the greatest IC Champion of all-time. He cuts one of his comedic promos.

Shaquille O’Neal is shown at ringside.

Santino’s opponent, voting results:
Honky Tonk Man – 35%
Roddy Piper – 34%
Goldust – 31%

All three were shown backstage. Honky Tonk Man comes to ringside.
The Honky Tonk Man gets on the mic and says that he doesn’t know about cool and cocky but Santino is bad. He tells Santino that he can’t sing like him, dance like him, and that he can be IC Champion for 10 years but he would never compare to The Honky Tonk Man. The Honky Tonk Man tells him to stand back and for him to show him how it’s done.
Honky Tonk Man dances like Elvis.

Honky tells Santino to start dancing to his music, Santino busts some lame moves. He ends up sucker punching The Honky Tonk Man down to the mat. The referee holds up the belt and calls for the opening bell.

Santino and Honky Tonk lockup as Santino backs him into a corner. Honky Tonk applies a headlock on Santino and follows with a right hand. Honky Tonk applies another side headlock and connects on a shoulder knock down. Honky Tonk goes off the ropes and is tripped by Beth Phoenix. The referee calls for the bell. Santino is irate at Beth Phoenix.

Winner by disqualification – The Honky Tonk Man

Divas Halloween Costumes
Maryse is a French maid
Layla is Princess Leia from Star Wars
Victoria is a banana
Mickie James is Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

The events leading to the Undertaker – Big Show feud are shown.

Undertaker vs. Big Show
(WWE Universe chooses type of match)

Todd Grisham welcomes SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero out to the Cyber Sunday control center. Chavo Guerrero pushes her out in a wheel chair. She draws big heat with her ‘excuse me’ line. Vickie says that it’s her honor to present her nephew Chavo Guerrero. She reveals the voting results:
Fans choose the stipulation, official voting results:

Last Man Standing Match – 49%
Knockout Match – 9%
I Quit Match – 42%

Vickie botched it the first time, announcing the wrong match as the winner. She corrects it in a retake.

The Undertaker comes to the ring first with his extravagant entrance. He walks right by Vickie and Chavo at Cyber Sunday control. The following match is a Last Man Standing Match.

The Undertaker comes to the ring first with his extravagant entrance. He walks right by Vickie and Chavo at Cyber Sunday control. The following match is a Last Man Standing Match. Big Show is out next as he walks down to ringside with a cocky smirk on his face.

The Undertaker gets right in his MMA fighting stance and goes right at Big Show. He connects on several rights and lefts to the face of Big Show. Undertaker is working stiff as Big Show tosses Taker to the outside. Big Show goes to the outside to fight Undertaker.

Big Show throws Undertaker over the security rail. Remember with this match being a Last Man Standing match, there is no disqualification. Undertaker counters on Big Show with a steel chair shot. Big Show retreats back to the ring. Undertaker rolls back in himself and splashes Show in the corner.

Show sends Undertaker down on the mat. Almost no reaction for Big Show from this crowd. Big Show connects a headbutt and follows with an uppercut. Big Show gives Undertaker a mix of lefts and rights. Undertaker is down in the corner.

Big Show hits a headbutt in the middle of the ring, sends Undertaker down to the mat, and follows-up with a leg drop. The referee starts the 10 count.

Undertaker gets up at 7 but Big Show goes back to work with boots to the face of The Undertaker. Taker goes to the outside, Show follows and hits Undertaker in the gut. Show misses a steel chair shot on the outside. The Undertaker fights back with stiff blows. Undertaker smashes Big Show into the steel ring post on the outside with a chair to his throat.

Show is down outside for the count. Charles Robinson gets to 8 in the count before Show gets up and tries to get back in the ring. Undertaker goes back to the work on him from the outside. With Show’s head still hanging outside of the ring, Undertaker goes for a leg drop on the apron, he connects with vintage Deadman.

Undertaker gets back in the ring to continue his attack. Undertaker continues to work stiff with punches and kicks to the body and head of Big Show. Undertaker tries to whip Big Show off the ropes but he counters with a huge clothesline. Double count starts.

Big Show gets up at 6, Undertaker up at 8. Big Show stomps away at Undertaker in the corner. Big Show taunts Undertaker and connects on a couple more headbutts. Undertaker backs Big Show down with a right hand counter. Big Show and Undertaker go back and forth.

Big Show lands more headbutts as Undertaker backs him down with more punches. Hard right hands from Undertaker, he goes off the ropes and grabs Big Show for a chokeslam. Big Show grabs Taker by the throat in a counter. Big Show overpowers Undertaker but Taker counters with a driving DDT. Big Show is down, Undertaker is up.

Big Show gets up at 9, Undertaker goes right back to him with right hands. Big Show loosen the top turnbuckle cover. He gives Undertaker a kick to the sternum and two more headbutts. Big Show goes for a scoop slam but Undertaker counters with a blind clothesline. Count on both.

Undertaker is up at 8, Big Show gets up at 9. Undertaker runs at Big Show in the corner, Big Show gets out of the way and Undertaker is thrown to the outside. Big Show works over Undertaker on the outside, banging him head off of the steel ring steps. Big Show connects on body blows on Taker on the outside before banging his head off the announce table.

Big Show strikes Undertaker with one of the announce monitors. BIg Show throws two announce chairs out of the way. Big Show sets Taker up and kicks him over the security rail. Big Show is going for a steel chair.
Undertaker blocks a chair shot from Big Show from behind the security rail. Big Show puts Undertaker through the ECW announce table from the top of the security wall. The referee starts the count on Undertaker.

Undertaker gets up at 9 but barely. Undertaker buckles in a seated position. Big Show stands over him and gives him a headbutt. Undertaker strikes Show from his knees. Big Show assaults him fro his feet. Undertaker staggers back to his feet and is rolled back in the ring by Big Show.

Undertaker hits a hard right on Big Show followed by a right by Big Show on Undertaker. Big Show punishes Undertaker with another right hand to the kidneys. Undertaker counters again and hits a DDT. Undertaker sets up as Big Show is being counted.

Undertaker grabs Big Show’s arm and goes for old school. Show grabs Taker off the ropes and chokeslams him down. Undertaker is being counted out.

Undertaker gets back up at 9, Big Show is waiting on him with the knockout right, he connects. Undertaker is out cold on his back. A new count ensues.

Undertaker rises ‘Deadman style’ at 8 and finally gets up at 9. Big Show brings in a steel chair from the outside. Show connects with the chair and reaches down to pick him up. Undertaker counters with the gogoplata. He breaks it and the count starts on Big Show.

Big Show is counted out after the gogoplata. Vickie looks very angry from the top of the ramp.
Winner & Last Man Standing – The Undertaker

They showed Chavo Guerrero wheeling Vickie away from the Cyber Sunday Control Center. Big Show eventually rolled out of the ring, clutching his throat as he walked off. A tired Undertaker stood up, then posed in the center of the ring.

We’re backstage with Chris Jericho and Mike Adamle. Jericho says that the referee stipulation for his match is ridiculous and that Adamle must change it or deal with him. Adamle says he’s not spineless and he will not change the match.

WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest

Tazz is in the ring and announces that voting for the contest is closed. All of the divas come out in their Halloween costumes.

With all the WWE Divas in the ring, Tazz reveals the winner as Mickie James. She’s the Tomb Raider. An all out brawl breaks out amongst the Divas after the results are revealed.

WWE Championship
Triple H vs. (WWE Universe chooses challenger)

Triple H comes to the ring first. We’re still awaiting the official voting result.
Todd Grisham comes out to reveal the voting results.

Fans choose Triple H’s opponent(s) for the WWE Championship. The official results are as follows:
Jeff Hardy – 57%
Vladimir Kozlov – 5%
Jeff Hardy & Vladimir Kozlov – 38%

Jeff Hardy won the voting by a large margin which shows WWE what the fans want to see. Jeff Hardy comes to ringside, as he doesn’t even get much of a reaction from these fans. We have a correspondent in the arena and they have said the same about the crowd being dead so it isn’t just us.

The bell rings and we’re underway. Jeff Hardy and The Cerebral Assassin circle one another and lockup.
Triple H reminds Jeff Hardy that he was one second away at No Mercy earlier this month. Jeff Hardy starts to work the arm of Triple H, Hunter reverses it with a drop toe hold. Hardy gets a mat submission hold in a counter. Triple H gets back to his feet and takes him down with a side headlock take down. Hardy whips Hunter off the ropes and connects with some arm drag takeovers. Hardy applies a submission hold on Hunter on the mat.

Hunter goes for an early pedigree attempt in a counter. Hardy countered out and backed down. The Game lands another side headlock take over but Hardy counters. They exchange counters again as Hardy has Hunter in an arm drag submission hold. Triple H gets to his feet and backs Hardy down to the corner.
The fans chant ‘Hardy’ as Triple H whips him into another corner. Hardy goes to the top turnbuckle but is pushed off to the outside by Hunter. Triple H regroups in the ring, Hardy is down on the outside.

Hardy is being counted out as he is slow to get up. Jeff Hardy rolls into the ring but is stomped by Triple H. Hunter throws Hardy face first through the turnbuckles into the steel ring post head first. He does it again. Hunter rolls Hardy up in an inside cradle for a two count. The Game locks a submission hold on Hardy on the mat.

Hardy is able to get back to his feet as he backs Hunter down. Triple H whips him off the ropes but is kicked in the face when he bends down. Triple H counters, sends Hardy to the mat, and gets a near fall.

Triple H has a submission hold on Hardy on the mat. Jeff gets back to his feet and backs Hunter down with right hands. Hardy eats a jawbreaker from Hardy but he counters with a wrap around clothesline.

Hardy lands both legs in between Hunter’s legs as he gets a two count. Hardy connects on a facebuster suplex on Triple H that he follows with a two count. Hardy works over Triple H in the corner with right hands. He follows with a splash on Hunter in the corner. He goes for another but Triple H counters with a spinebuster.

Triple H gets a two count and another near fall. Hardy goes off the middle rope but into a counter by Triple H on the mat. Hunter has the crossface locked in on Hardy. The referee checks for submission.
Hardy reaches for the bottom rope, Hunter breaks the hold and pulls him back to the middle of the ring.

Triple H locks in the crossface in the middle of the ring. Hunter wrenches back on the crossface as the referee continues to check for submission. Hardy is able to break it and out of nowhere nearly gets Hunter for the pinfall in a cradle. Hunter kicks out and stomps Hardy right out of the ring. Triple H follows Hardy to the outside. Hardy ends up sending Hunter face first into the steel ring steps on the outside.

High flying heel kick from Jeff Hardy onto Triple H on the security wall. Great spot as the referee starts the double count out. Hardy gets back in as Triple H follows. Hardy connects on Whisper in the Wind twice followed by a two count and another near fall.

Triple H is hurting in the ropes as Hardy hits him with both feet in the face. Hardy gets another two count. Hardy gets up with Triple H on the mat. He goes for Twist of Fate but he ends up getting in a pedigree attempt. Hardy counters out and gets a near fall that puts some life into the crowd. Triple H sneaks up behind Hardy and applies the sleeper. Hardy quickly escapes and hits Twist of Fate. Two count for Hardy.

Hardy goes off the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb on Triple H. Hardy throws his shirt to the outside and goes for another Swanton. Triple H gets his feet up to block it. Both man are down.

Both men are down in the ring as Hardy is now shirtless. Jeff gets to his feet but only to have a pedigree attempt that is countered. Hardy sends Triple H to the outside and jumps out of the ring onto the Champion. Hardy pumps the crowd as he throws Hunter back in. Hardy, at the top, is put in a pedigree from Triple H. He connects for the three count.
Winner & still WWE Champion – Triple H

The events leading to the Jericho – Batista feud are shown.
World Heavyweight Championhip
Chris Jericho vs. Batista
(WWE Universe chooses referee)

Lilian Garcia is in the ring as she introduces World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho to ringside. Jericho comes out with the title around his waist. Batista is out to the ring next. Batista comes out as the pyros fire upon his cue.

Todd Grisham is out to reveal the voting for the special guest referee:
Fans choose the Special Guest Referee:

Steve Austin – 74%
Shawn Michaels – 22%
Randy Orton – 4%

All three are shown backstage in referee shirts.

Steve Austin’s music hits as he comes out in a referee shirt and blue jeans. Austin pumps the crowd with his middle finger salute.

The bell rings and we’re underway. Jericho argues with Austin before he goes at Batista. Jericho hits Batista in the face. Batista backs Jericho down in the corner and puts his head in Jericho’s chest. Jericho goes to the outside to get heat from the crowd. Jericho starts backing down the ramp like he’s going to walk out.

Steve Austin goes to the outside and grabs a mic. He tells Jericho that he knows that he thinks if he gets disqualified or counted out that he will retain the title but it isn’t going to happen with him as referee. Austin says that’s the bottom line because STONE COLD said so. Austin starts the count out.

Jericho gets back in the ring, he’s greeted by Batista who takes him down to the mat. Batista slaps Jericho and hits a snap suplex. Batista gets a quick two count.

Batista looks to be in control but Jericho counters and sends Batista to the outside. Jericho connects on a baseball slide from inside on Batista who is outside the ring. Batista gets on the apron as Jericho tries to springboard onto him, finally Jericho connects a dropkick. Batista gets his knee caught in the ropes, Jericho targets it then goes to the outside to work on him. Jericho works Batista over on the apron before getting back in the ring.

Jericho goes back outside, rolls Batista in, and begins to work his right knee in the ring. Austin is straight up so far. Jericho takes Batista down to the mat. He continues to work his knee. Jericho smacks Batista in the face, Batista smacks back. Batista lands hard right hands in the corner. Jericho connects to the knees of Batista off the ropes.

Jericho applies a submission hold on Batista’s knee on the mat. Jericho kicks Batista in the crotch. Batista connects with knees to the face of Jericho. They don’t have much affect as Jericho applies a submission hold. Jericho demands Austin to ask him for submission. Austin doesn’t as Batista gets to his feet with Jericho on his back. The hold is broke by Jericho counters with a drop toe hold.

Jericho works on Batista in the corner, but Batista counters, Jericho counters and nearly gets a pinfall. Batista kicks out but Jericho is back on the offensive. Jericho kicks Batista in the back of the head and in the knee. Jericho walks right into a boot from Batista. Both men are down as Austin checks Jericho.

Batista and Jericho both get back to their feet and duke it out. Batista throws Jericho in the corner and hits a hard scoop slam. Batista sells the knee as he goes for a Batista Bomb. Jericho counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho. He locks it in.

Batista finally makes it to the ropes. Austin has to pull Jericho by the hair off of Batista. Austin gave Jericho the finger when he disputed him by trying to get in his face.
Batista hits a big side slam and gets a two count for a near fall. Batista whips Jericho off the ropes and ends up going for a Batista Bomb. Batista gets him up but Jericho grabs the ropes and gets on the apron. Jericho to the top, he goes off but into a Batista clothesline. Batista gets a two count.
Batista is selling his leg ‘injuries’ as Jericho is down on the mat. Batista goes for the spear, nobody home as he goes straight through the turnbuckles and into the steel ring post. Jericho climbs the ropes with Batista as he has him locked for a suplex. Batista pushes him off and goes off with a flying shoulder block. Two count for Batista.

Batista throws Jericho off the ropes, Jericho kicks him in the face, but Batista tries to plant Jericho but he counters for a two count.

Jericho walks into a Batista elbow. Batista ends up plowing into Austin, knocking him out of the ring. Jericho hits the Code Breaker and goes for the cover. Here comes Shawn Michaels, he slowly counts to one, slowly counts to two before Batista kicks out. Michaels and Jericho square off in the ring.

HBK causes Jericho to walk into the spear. HBK tries to give Batista a fast three count but JBL comes out and breaks it up. Batista is distracted by JBL as Jericho lands a chop block. Jericho goes to the outside and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship. Randy Orton hits the ring and takes out Austin.

Orton lets the belt shot on Batista go as he gives Jericho the two count. Austin gets in the ring, gives Orton the finger, and a Stunner. Austin tries to give Jericho the Stunner but he escapes. Batista gives Jericho a spinebuster then the Batista Bomb. Batista covers Jericho for the three count.

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion – Batista

After the match, Steve Austin hands him the World Heavyweight Championship and raises his hand. A graphic appears on the screen signifying that Batista is the new champion.





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  • shalva khiski

    We all know the results for this ppv. Jeff is going to be close to winning and will somehow lose

  • b.smith

    This PPV sucks

  • HardyBoyz4eva!!

    yep jeff will hit a twist of fate on kozlof then turn around into a pedigree………….GAY>GAY

  • shalva khiski

    u know what pisses me off is people like cm punk, batista and cena are in the wwe 4 such a fucking short time and they have held world championships. But jeff has been in the wwe for 16 years and not ones he held th wwe championship. jeff is like my number 2 favorite wresteler.

  • shalva khiski

    i will bet on a 100000000 bucks that HHH or kazlov will win.

  • Crazychad

    Remember, Jeff came in as tag team wrestler, and due to his problems, he screws himself from making it to top. Jeff was SUPPOSED to win last year’s Money in the Bank because he would have made it a ladder match. This pay-per view sucks. Goldust vs. Santino would have been better than that crappy ending. I would have loved to see Honky Tonk smash the guitar over Santino’s head. THAT would have been great.

  • brandon

    well if we all know jeff loses and we can pretty much guess what else happens i watch TNA its not as predictable

  • shalva khiski

    Honky tonk man will be showing up on raw a few time and i heard that something like that will happen.

  • shalva khiski

    I love TNA. Vince will make much more $ if he buys TNA.

  • shalva khiski

    who likes DX

  • shalva khiski


  • Crazychad

    The Undertaker/Big Show match I would have only liked if it was an I Quit match. But alas…. fans vote for carnage.

  • TakerRules

    Taker Won, GOD…..D#MN!!!!

  • Crazychad

    GODDAMN.. The Game wins again

  • jillianfan

    honestly Jeff should be the champ… even if it was to drop it to taker then start up HHH to win the rumble… I’m tired of the same old results!! Hardy can hold the title and can draw money as the champ… the man is GOLD! but HHH (I know everyone sais it but it’s true) is married to the bosses daughter and Vince is in love with him! they protect him so much it’s not even funny… I don’t buy PPV’s anymore because nothing is interesting… if I wanted to see a pedigree I’d watch Smackdown or old PPVs!!

  • Jeff Hardy Fan

    I agree

  • Vegas Martin

    Stone Cold is the man!

  • shalva khiski

    Guys I know everything about wwe and i been lerking around an hearthis. Undertaker will bacome wwe champ at WM 25 and jeff wil become the new uS champ and then will beat taker for the wwe title

  • wwe fan

    I don’t think wm25 is going to be taker vs. hhh because it already happened, and john cene and cm punk love wrestling and they deserve to be world champs no one said anything when undertaker won the wwe title after one year. TNA is not that good

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