The Jey Files – Response to Your Responses

                Well well well. Its time for another Jey Files. And once again, I’m some what annoyed. Or maybe a little amused.  There’s a fine line between the two. But lets get to it yall.


                First is first, let me clear something up with the ECW Original comments I made. ECW Originals is a term used to describe guys who made ECW famous. Which, agree or not, does not include Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Dean Melinko, Eddie Guerrero or Psicosis. None of those guys made their names in ECW. Just because you got your start somewhere does NOT mean you’re an Original. It means they had a short tenure in the promotion and that’s it. You’d be better off calling Mic Foley or Saturn an Original than any of them. And as far as the only two left, Tommy Dreamer and Taz…please. Dreamer should let it go and Taz is never coming back into wrestling. Most people forget he wrestled at one point in time too who don’t know their history.


                Which leads me into my next point. Someone in a forum had the nerve to say that just because I know my history on wrestling doesn’t mean or prove anything. Yea, wonder what type of grades that guy got in school. And he probably still lives with his mom too. But apparently, my words about Scott Hall and the roast incident weren’t too liked by most. I can say I set a record with the amount of hate mail I received for it, and I was annoyed at first. But like I said in the headline, I seemed to be oddly amused at the same time. I know my wrestling. I’ve done my homework. I’ve read tons of autobiographies. I buy DVD’s of wrestling that I’m not even interested in. I might not be totally fluent in all of the sport before the 1990’s, but that’s mainly on the account that I was born in 86. Still, I know a lot of the history even from before I was born. I gotta say I’m one of those most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to wrestling past and present. I can disprove anyone who thinks different. Yet some how, even with all my knowledge,  people think unless you have called someone a “n00b” while playing World of Warcraft then you don’t know what your talking about.  I don’t have to explain myself or any of my reasons to really anyone; this is THE JEY FILES, not THE EXPLINATION FILES. I’ve been given this column by all the webmasters to vent my personal opinion on things and I don’t really care if you like them or not. If you don’t like opinion based columns not derived on the “Indy” perspectives on how wrestling should be, The Jey Files isn’t for you. If you view things based on the “anti-bandwagon” perspective, The Jey Files isn’t for you. However if you like to read someone else’s ORIGINAL opinion on wrestling, then welcome, because that’s what you get with me people! So for all of you out there who enjoy the freedom of my arguments and not look down on them because their not your opinions, thank you for reading!


                Back to what started this. Bottom line, Scott Hall was drunk. But regardless, he DID know Owen Hart so he had a right to be upset. That’s not what’s bugging me. Its all the internet fans have found a way to weasel into other peoples business in wrestling since the times where the black and white printer was popular. We as fans love to complain time and time again how wrestling is predictable. Wouldn’t have anything to do with all of us looking at all the behind the scenes of wrestling would it? We dig deep into the world of sports entertainment that is predetermined and then complain when we know the results. We wine day after day about storylines not being original enough and then do everything possible to find what the writers have in store for each wrestler. Sometimes I wish I never found some of these internet sites so I DIDN’T know as much as I did. The Cena fans aren’t exactly the most intelligent when it comes to the sport, but at least they know who they like. We change our opinions on who we feel should be pushed constantly. And a sad trend I’ve noticed about the internet fans is they usually stop backing wrestlers when they get a decent push. Not always, but it happens a lot.


                I don’t think I have ever seen someone post something on their opinion when it comes to wrestling without some retard coming along and disagreeing just because they want to look different. Like the ones who don’t like WWE just because it’s the most popular thing out there. I love it when they say WWE is too gimmicky and TNA isn’t. That’s really one of my favorites because we all know that statement isn’t true. But it goes both ways. I love it when people say WWE has better talent than TNA. Because as much as it pains me to admit it, AJ Styles can out perform a lot of guys on the WWE roster by himself. It’s just a shame he’s rotting away in TNA.


                But that’s the problem with internet fans. Not everyone can tell the truth, they just have to give their opinion which they don’t have any logical arguments to back up. Think I’m lying? Go to the forum of whichever one of the web sties I write for your reading this on. Go to any topic with more than 10 posts and just read it. You’ll see what I’m talking about. And hey, more than likely some of the people reading this just posted one. I’m not saying each and every one of the internet fans are like that; just about 80%. To prove I’m more diverse and willing to take on what I disagree with, TNA is coming to my home town of Troy, Ohio on December 4th. I’m buying my tickets next week, I’m going to watch the whole show to give them a chance to change my mind LIVE. And if they put on a good show, you’ll know about it because I’ll ADMIT IT.


That’s all for this week, but before you go be sure to check out and add the new Myspace site for The Jey Files!




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