News on John Cena and His Car, Gail Kim Update

– Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Gail Kim posted the following blog on her MySpace, talking about her movie Royal Kill:

i noticed a comment regarding Royal Kill not making it past the cutting room floor….so i thought what perfect timing! that is the absolute farthest thing from the truth! sometimes i wonder where people hear these things? are they just made up by assumptions or someone making up little white lies? 🙂 well anyhow, the timing of that comment couldnt have been better as i have just been in contact with the director of Royal Kill and the movie has just been completed! I know, I know… it took literally FOREVER!!!!! trust me, i had no idea when Babar told me he really concentrates on post production of the film that he meant that long….but i think from just recently being shown the new trailer that it was obviously for a good reason. It was truly exciting to see it 3 years later…I guess when it comes to anything regarding my career, everyones gotta just have a little more patience 🙂 LOL well thats good news to me and so hopefully everyone will get to see the new trailer once he releases it. Thanks everyone for checking in on me and like I always say, I read everything you write and miss you all…. a special thank you to the cast and crew of Royal Kill especially you Babar, it was truly an honor to work with someone so nice and talented on a new experience.

Love always,


– WWE Superstar John Cena’s 1969 AMC AMX is featured in the December issue of AutoTrader’s Classic Cars & Parts Magazine under the “Readers Rides” section. The issue is on newsstands now and Cena’s car can also be seen in MuscleCar Milestones’ January issue.

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