Vince Wanting More Realistic/’Japan Style’ Wrestling, Bret Hart Book Update

— In recent weeks, Vince McMahon has been talking about having the wrestlers work a more realistic style of wrestling. That’s one of the reasons former WCW wrestler Norman Smiley was hired (as a coach in developmental). Smiley was told he was brought in due to his background in the more realistic Japanese wrestling style. For example, instead of the old-school, pro-wrestling style where a guy gets punched in the face, the guy selling would at least put his hands up in defense of the punch.

— Bret Hart’s book ‘Hitman: My Real Life In The Cartoon World of Wrestling’ is selling well in the United States after it was released earlier this month and will be making its debut in the 8th place on the New York Times Bestseller List in the Hardcover Nonfiction section. Bret’s book will be the first non-WWE published wrestling book to manage to get in the top 10 list. Only two wrestling books managed to be in the number one spot on that list and both books were Foley’s (first two) autobiographies. Hart’s book was released last year in Canada and the WWE Hall of Famer is currently on tour promoting it.