Linda’s Thoughts – Cyber Sunday Predictions

Okay let me just quickly fill you in. The reason you haven’t seen a column up for a week is because our house is slowly getting repaired from the damage done back in August. We are hoping that things will go smoothly. There is so much that needs to be fixed and unfortunately it’s going very slowly. It’s been hectic here because we have been moving furniture out of rooms and having workers in and out of here. I will have to take this day by day. Any chance I get to write you know I will, and if you don’t see anything up you know it’s because of what’s going on here. I wanted to get my Cyber Sunday predictions out because I know I’m going to get at least two right, okay hopefully more than that. And here I go.

WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest
I am going with Kelly Kelly as the winner. And now onto more important things.

Cyber Sunday Preview Match – Shelton Benjamin vs. R. Truth, Festus or MVP
Months ago I would have picked MVP as Benjamin’s opponent, but it looks like MVP is still deep in the doghouse. If you watched Smackdown last night, this poor guy got pinned but Funaki, yeah Funaki the top jobber in the WWE. So MVP gets ruled out immediately. There is no way Festus is going to get the majority of the votes, which means the guy that has me saying What’s Up, will get a title match with Shelton. And if I’m right about R. Truth then not only will we get a really solid match, but I am also going with R. Truth to leave as the new U.S. champion.
Winner: R. Truth

Intercontinental Championship – Santino vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper, or Honky Tonk Man or Goldust
This one is a toss up for me. I see either Piper or Goldendust going against Santino. I guess I will go with Goldust. I have a feeling no matter who gets the vote we are going to get a short match and Santino will hold on to his title. I hope we get some mic work from Santino, nothing too long just long enough to make us laugh.
Winner: Santino

Pick the Tag Team Match – Will it be Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase vs. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston? OR could it be Jamie Noble and Mickie vs. William Regal and Layla? Or possibly Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz and Morrison?
You talk about a tough choice here. Well with CM Punk on the Cyber Sunday poster, I have to go with CM and Kingston vs. Di Biase and Rhodes. It would be nice for Punk to have a spot on the show tomorrow night since he wasn’t a part of No Mercy. If this is the match that we get look for a good match but a very short match. And I do not see Team Priceless losing; no they will remain the tag team champs.
Winners: Team Priceless

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio In either Falls Count Anywhere Match, No Holds Barred Match or Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
I hope that the majority of the fans voted for a No Holds Barred match. This way anything goes and I think it will just make this match a lot more entertaining and somewhat violent. I have to go with Kane for the win and I really do hope that this feud ends tomorrow night.
Winner: Kane

Undertaker vs. Big Show – Knockout Match, I Quit Match or a Last Man Standing Match
Now most of you know that I did not care for their match at No Mercy. I don’t want to see this one go on too long, that’s why I hope we get a Knockout match.  I can’t see Show or Taker yelling out I Quit, and a Last Man Standing match could go on and on. So I say let’s go with a Knockout match and have Taker knock the hell out of Big Show to get the crowd all hyped up, I have to believe no matter what we get I will like it so much more than their No Mercy match.
Winner: The Undertaker

ECW Championship Match – Matt Hardy vs. Finlay, Mark Henry or Evan Bourne
I definitely see a Hardy vs. Bourne match, and if that’s what we get LOOK OUT this should be damn good. Bourne vs. Hardy would be an absolute pleasure to watch and honestly if Bourne doesn’t get the most votes I’ll be shocked. I definitely don’t see Matt losing but as I said this could be a hell of a match if Bourne gets in here.
Winner: Matt Hardy

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Batista with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton or Shawn Michaels as the referee
First off, Chris Jericho is not losing there is no way Batista will win. Well at least I don’t see that happening. And second, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels will not get the majority of the votes. The honor will go to Steve Austin. I have no problem with Austin being a part of this show, but having him ref this match really makes no sense. HBK and Orton have been part of this angle for a while, each guy so including them I could see. Austin in here really makes no sense, but what the hell it’s a way to bring back Stone Cold. When that glass breaks the atmosphere is going to be off the charts. I predict Austin will call it right down the middle but he will give Jericho the stunner and maybe even Batista. I think this is going to be another good one to watch and of course Austin will have his moments as the referee.
Winner: Jericho

WWE Championship – Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy, or Vladimir Kozlov, or this could be a triple threat match
This is a given, Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H will happen. If I’m wrong then I have to question the legitimacy of the voting. Now I have read for years that WWE keeps this legit and goes by how the fans voted, but there is no way that Kozlov or a Triple Threat match should happen. Jeff Hardy is one of the MOST over guys in the company and I can’t see him not getting the majority of the votes. Hardy and Triple H had a fantastic match at No Mercy and I don’t expect them to top that match but I still feel they will give us a very good match. I do not see Triple H losing the title, HOWEVER I’m going to go with what I said at No Mercy. This time I feel that Kozlov will definitely cost Hunter the match and Jeff will win on a DQ.  I have a feeling that this will be the last time we see Hardy vs. Triple H for a while, because the Kozlov push isn’t over yet.
Winner: Jeff Hardy wins it on a DQ

Now let’s see just how close I come to with my picks. I’m stressed out just thinking how badly I might do. Really I’m not stressed because I’m used to doing fair to bad. But I am looking forward to watching the show and seeing how the fans voted. Hopefully I will return with my Raw and Cyber Sunday thoughts either Tuesday or Wednesday, but again if I’m missing you know it has to do with what’s going on here with the house. Also thank you all for emailing me to see if I was okay since I hadn’t posted a column, I really appreciate your concern.

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