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John Cena Speaks on Returning to the Ring and NASCAR

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Saturday, October 25th, 2008

– C. Dickey sent the following:

appeared on Trackside on SPEED today, broadcasting live from Atlanta Motor Speedway as part of their coverage of this weekend’s NASCAR races. He came out to his entrance music and Titantron video. He got a decent pop, despite the low key crowd due the rain that wiped out practice and qualifying, as he joined the commentators and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards on the set.

Cena said he first got hooked up with Edwards through the NASCAR-WWE Gillette Young Guns commercial they both did a while back. He explained that Edwards was a natural fit for him because he is hellbent out there on the track while Cena is also the type to swings his arms even when tired and that Edwards is also focused, a work-a-holic, a great face for the sport, a little more responsible than Cena, and he likes to hang out with good people.

Cena talked about not knowing much about the sport until he got to drive a race car, with Edwards, for Gillette’s Fast Cars and Superstars promotion and got hooked afterward; watching the races each week. Edwards told a brief story about John passing someone on pit road at about 130mph, which is against NASCAR rules, and having to explain to him that pit road speed is 45mph.

They talked about a brief NASCAR appearance Cena had at Martinsville a few years ago where he had to do a spot for NBC, who were NASCAR broadcasters at the time, but had to leave right after for a Salt Lake City show so he didn’t get to experience what a race is like. He said of his later NASCAR race experience, “When you get the start your engines call, it’s something special.”

Cena briefly mentioned living in Tampa lately, being a fan of the Rays and following the World Series. After the announcers turned to talk to Carl, a fan threw a visor with some funky hair attached onto the stage. Cena left his chair, picked it up, threw his hat to the crowd, put it on, and sat back down like nothing was happening; it made everyone crack up on the set and then he said “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever been a part of. This is awesome.”

Cena talked a little about being a car collector. He said he just bought a 69 Daytona and has a 74 Plymouth Superbird, a couple hemi Chargers, GTOs, and a couple Buicks.

When the discussion turned back to Edwards, Cena said the Kansas race a few weeks ago was evidence of a common bond the two have. Edwards made a crazy move trying to win on the last lap, in turns three and four, that was either going to work or he was going to hit the wall (he ended up scraping the wall and finishing second). Cena said it showed that Edwards was willing to go all out and that is why Cena liked him.

Last question to Cena was about when he’d be returning to the ring. He said it would be another month to a month and a half.


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