New WrestleScoop Features: Jeff Hardy & Edge Trivia

In our Trivia Section, which you can access by clicking the ‘WWE Trivia’ link in the ‘Fun Stuff’ section, we added a Jeff Hardy Trivia Quiz, as well as an Edge Trivia Quiz. Take it now and test your knowledge of Jeff Hardy and Edge. More trivia sections will be added later.




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  • Jeff Hardy Fan

    I got a 10!

  • Vegas Martin

    Wow. I’m impressed. I thought I made it pretty hard. But of course you’re a big Jeff Hardy fan.

    I also just added Edge’s too.

  • Jeff Hardy Fan

    there’s a glitch.on the question 4,when you answer,it says you answered already

  • Vegas Martin

    That only occurs when you’ve already taken the quiz. Try hitting refresh and if that doesn’t work, clear your cache.

  • Jeff Hardy Fan

    my what?

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