Updated Details on Cade’s Release, ECW Rating, More News

– The 10/21 edition of ECW on Sci Fi did a 1.3 cable rating.

– WWE has a new “Where Are They Now” posted on their website featuring the ultimate jobber, Barry Horowitz.

– Lance Cade was released from WWE because company officials believe prescription pill abuse led to the seizure he suffered on a commercial flight. The feeling was that because the incident occurred in public and became a life and death situation, it warranted a punishment more severe than the standard Wellness Policy suspensions. The airline attendants didn’t recognize Cade and had no way of knowing what caused the seizure. Lillian Garcia, who was traveling on the same flight, told them his name and informed them that he is a professional wrestler. He was rushed to the hospital and was still incoherent when he arrived, so he underwent a series of tests because the medical staff wasn’t sure whether the seizure was caused by an athletic injury.

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