More Details On WWE’s Latest Developmental Wrestlers

As noted earlier here on the website and following WWE’s recent evaluation of Ohio Valley Wrestling talent, in addition to Gavin Garrison, the company has signed Chris Cage and Ryan “Ryback” Reeves to developmental contracts. Both individuals were former WWE developmental wrestlers. Cage was considered a strong prospect by WWE, and was close to being called up in a tag team with The Miz in spring 2006, but he was hospitalized following an incident at a spring break resort (where they were shooting vignettes) and he was let go from his contract.

Reeves was dropped from his developmental contract during a massive purge of talent in January 2007. In the meantime, he didn’t work too many wrestling shows other than some shots in Ohio Valley Wrestling in the past year. He is the first wrestler to be brought back with a strike on his record as he violated WWE’s drug testing policy in the summer of 2006 — and was suspended for 30 days as a result. The previous strike is still being held against him. For people unfamiliar with Reeves, he was a contestant in the Tough Enough contest held in late 2004. WWE signed him to a developmental contract in 2005, and he lasted approximately a year and half before being let go.