JR Blog: Triple H vs. Undertaker, Diva Costume Contest, More

Good ‘ol Jim Ross is back with another blog update on his website, jrsbarbq.com. Below are the highlights:

– Nice, quick trip to Laredo, Texas on Tuesday for the Friday Night Smackdown taping with the HHH vs. Undertaker match being the highlight of the night in what was well over a 20 minute battle. The match was physical and intense and was the best old school main event I have seen in a good while on free TV.

– The King seems to be unusually excited regarding the Divas Halloween Costume Contest this Sunday. Word on the street has it that Jerry is going to dress up as either Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt for the contest that only he should MC and/or judge. Of course, now in the PG world of the WWE no one will hear the Hall of Famer blurt out “puppies” even on PPV….I don’t think.

– The WWE’s 3 day tour of Puerto Rico grossed over $1.2M in tickets sales alone.

– In Mexico, the WWE did huge business during their four events in Monterrey and Mexico City grossing approximately $2.5M in ticket sales in only four events.

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