News on Jim Ross, Umaga’s Son, WWE Signs a Bodybuilder, More

– One of the guys WWE is about to sign coming out of the FCW talent clinic last week is a model and bodybuilder type named Matt Walsh.

– Scotty Armstrong has replaced Mickey Henson as the head referee on WWE’s SmackDown brand. Henson has taken a medical leave of absence and is not expected back anytime soon.

– Umaga’s son, who is playing high school football in Houston, Texas, is only a freshman but is already a standout star.

– One of the reasons Jim Ross gets shown on TV so much during Oklahoma games, besides his WWE fame, is because a lot of the same people that work on Saturdays for ABC covering football also work WWE’s TV tapings on Monday and Tuesday nights.

This is also one of the reasons there hasn’t been more of a push to move SmackDown to live on Fridays, because much of the crew during football season has to be on the road Fridays to be setup for the Saturday games.

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