Nick Hogan Gets Out of Jail, Stacy Keibler and Maria Updates

– John sent the following: Stacy Keibler made a TV appearance on Monday night at about 9:15 p.m., but it wasn’t on RAW. She was sitting (dance floor) ringside as a spectator on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She was acknowledged by the show’s host, and was sitting beside her former dance rival and co-star in snack chip TV commercials, George Hamilton.

– WWE Diva Maria was at the Spring 2009 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles, CA, this past Friday where she attended several designers’ shows. She told that she would be seeing up to seven shows of different fashion designers in totals. “It’s like a dream to be involved in these kinds of things for me. I love fashion. I love clothes,” Maria said, who also designs some of her ring outfits.

– TMZ reports that Nick Hogan was released from the Pinellas County Jail just after midnight on Tuesday morning. Apparently Nick went back to his mom Linda’s house to a big party where police were watching things.

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