ECW On Sci-Fi Results (10/21)

ECW On Sci-Fi: (Airing Tonight)
* Matt Hardy comes to the ring and talks about his possible opponents for Cyber Sunday. He says he wants Mark Henry. Finlay and Hornswoggle come out and interrupt him. Finlay says he will win the title. Evan Bourne comes out and says he won’t be overlooked. Mark Henry comes out last and talks about the match.

* Jack Swagger b. Brett Baterly in a squash match.
– After the match Swagger is interviewed and talks about Tommy Dreamer. He says “who”…

* The Miz & John Morrison are interviewed telling people to vote for them at Cyber Sunday.

* Shad (from Cryme Tyme) b. The Miz
– Shad gets the win after The Miz gets disqualified.

* Hornswoggle goes trick or treating to Teddy Long.

* A video package promoting Boogeyman’s return is shown.

* Evan Bourne b. Mark Henry & Finlay in a triple threat match
– Mark Henry dominated early on. He finally gets thrown out of the ring and Evan Bourne & Finlay trade punches. Bourne gets the win after hitting a shooting star press. That ends ECW.