The Rock/Barack Obama, Backyard Wrestling Returns, More


— Today’s issue of the Toronto Star has a story saying that U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama loves pie just as much as former WWE champ The Rock. “To make a long story short, Obama confronts a die-hard Republican owner of the diner where they stop off, and persuades him to vote for the Democrats,” reads the story. In a 90-second news clip that aired on a local Philadelphia station, Obama says “You going to make me some pie? What kind of pie do you make? Sweet potato pie? All right. We might have to have a sweet potato pie contest. I’ll be the judge. ‘Cause I know my sweet potato pie.”

— Speaking of politics, The Bleacher Report has an article online comparing wrestlers to past and present politicians at thislink.

— A couple in Providence, Rhode Island were forced to dismantle their backyard wrestling ring when the city council determined that it was causing a disturbance in the neighborhood. The couple told the city that the ring was just for a few family members who enjoyed wrestling, however neighbors complained that between 60 and 100 wrestlers and fans were on the property nearly every weekend. The elderly woman next door said she was afraid to come out of her house.

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