More On TNA “Legends” Title, LAX Break Up, Sullivan Almost Fired

— While Jeff Jarrett is usually against adding any new championships to TNA, feeling the more there are, the value of them goes down, TNA does has plans to add another Legends title sometime in the near future. This is the Booker T briefcase storyline as we have been reporting on. Booker will debut the title on the live iMPACT! this coming Thursday night.

— Many within TNA were aware that LAX believed they were going to be broken up by the company and that played a part in Shelly Martinez leaving the company (although not the key reason). Both Homicide and Hernandez were upset as they enjoy working together. However, it appears now that TNA has no plans to break them up as their merchandise sells better than most and are involved in the premise of a key part in the new TNA iMPACT! video game.

— There was some talk within TNA at one point of firing the company’s director. However, it never ended up happening as the feeling is he (believed to be Kevin Sullivan) is in tight with Jeff Jarrett and looked at as pretty much untouchable.