More Details On Flair Wanting To Wrestle Again And HBK’s Feelings

To keep you updated on a prior Ric Flair post, during a fan Q&A in Doncaster, England over the weekend, Ric Flair said he might come out of retirement in Japan and Korea, but that the main thing holding him back is what Shawn Michaels would think.

Flair had promised Michaels his last match. Flair has been offered dates in Japan, but has thus far not agreed to anything. We’ll keep you posted on this breaking story as it becomes available. I have heard from two people that Flair has already gotten the ‘itch’ to get back into the ring.




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  • GTA

    Ric Flair needs to stay retired and give Michaels what was promised to him, which was his last match

  • Vegas Martin

    I agree. That’s bogus. He’s over 60 years old… give it up.

  • WWE lover and Hardy flair fan122

    OMG that would totally rock!!!!! Shawn would understand becasue they are such good friends! i hope he returns!

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