King of Hardcore Tournament: FINAL 4 BEGINS!

For those of you who are following WrestleScoop’s King of Hardcore tournament, a new round of matches was posted for you to vote on:

* Mick Foley vs. Taz
* Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy

To my chagrin, Sabu lost to Jeff Hardy last round and RVD has sworn revenge. RVD will face Jeff Hardy in a Sabu’s Revenge TLC Match. A steel chair must be retrieved above the ladder and the loser must be finished with it. In other words, the VANTERMINATOR!





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  • Vegas Martin

    Whose gonna show some love for RVD?

  • GTA

    I got mad at RVD for not being in the WWE anymore, no love here. That is a cool video though.

  • Jeff Hardy Fan

    when does it end

  • Vegas Martin

    The finals was posted today. I’m pretty sure Mick Foley will run away with it. I’m sure he’ll be up by more than 50 votes after 4 days.

  • Jeff Hardy Fan

    yay!Jeff lost!!!!!!

  • Vegas Martin

    Yay for me! I love Jeff as a wrestler, errr, entertainer, but to be considered in the top 4 of HARDCORE wrestlers is beyond me.

    It looks like we finally get people commenting on the articles, which people got going big time on the Cyber Sunday post. I hope the alternating white/silver makes it easier to read.

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