JR Blog: Ric Flair’s Ring Return, Cyber Sunday and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog at jrsbarbq.com. Here are highlights from this entry…

– The WWE is already hyping the huge, 3 hour Monday Night Raw slated for Tampa on Monday November 3. Looks like it will be a supersized show from what I read. I guess yours truly’s invite is “in the mail.”  I can understand that after having such a presence for the 800th episode of the Monday night staple.

– The wrestling internet is seemingly abuzz discussing the possibility of Ric Flair wrestling another match. First of all, when is the last time you heard of a pro wrestler retiring, I mean really retiring, and never, EVER wrestling again after his “retirement match.” Of course, it’s happened but not that often and not in a good while especially when speaking of a high profile star such as “Naitch.”

Ric is in a unique situation as he is one of the few free agent stars out there that can still sell tickets particularly when there is a strong promotion behind him and he is wrestling in a high profile situation. That situation would be in the Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2009 against a Japanese legend like Masa Chono, for example. The Japanese need an “outside attraction” to help resurrect their Dome business and Ric having his “Japanese retirement match” there would definitely help sell tickets. The ceremony and pre-match hype in Japan for this event would be memorable.

So, do I know for sure if Ric Flair is going to take a huge money offer for a one off event in Tokyo in the Dome on January 4, 2009? No. Would I be willing to make a friendly wager than it does happen? Without question.

The financial offer for Ric to don the rights one more time in a country steeped in wrestling heritage and where fans love to honor the legends of the game in an emotional show of respect is a promoter’s dream.

I would much rather see Ric wrestle in a “one off” Tokyo Dome environment than ever see him advertised to wrestle in an armory or high school gym in the States. That would be sad.

– One can assume that many folks are going to vote in one form or another for the Cyber Sunday matches and stipulations. One can also assume that these votes will largely be a popularity contest. I’m not sure that’s bad as any promotion should pay attention and provide the paying customers with what they want. However, do I want to see Jeff hardy get one more shot at HHH and the WWE Title or do I want to see a new match and see the undefeated Vladimir Kozlov try The Game on for size? I am a big Jeff Hardy fan without question but just as many fans I like to see “new.” I don’t think Kozlov has a prayer of winning the popular vote but it would be damn interesting if he did. Just one man’s opinion….

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