TNA/NASCAR Coverage, Unreleased Cherry “Skin” Photos, More

Hermie Sadler in the #48 DIRECTV/TNA Wrestling truck in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series came in 26th Saturday out of 36 trucks at the race from Martinsville, VA. Sadler had an on board camera for The Speed Channel. The announcers stated that he was being sponsored by TNA Wrestling. They mentioned TNA Wrestling about four times, as Hermie is a reporter for Speed. One time, by accident, Commentator Rick Allen said “TNT Wrestling” but Phil Parsons corrected him. The truck started the race in 35th place. The truck had DIRECTV Hotpass on the Hood, and had on both sides of the truck it said “TNA WRESTLING,” (and below that) “TNA Wrestling Every Thursday at 9 p.m. on Spike TV.” On the official scoring and results the car read as “#48 Hermie Sadler III Chevy DIRECTV NASCAR Hotpass/ TNA Wrestling”

An unreleased photo of former WWE Diva Cherry from her “Summer Skin” photo shoot for has leaked online. You can see the photo at Cherry was released from her WWE contract on August 15, 2008, a little more than a week before her “Summer Skin” photos were scheduled to be posted on the WWE site. In the shoot’s place, posted a compilation of photos of the Divas and Cherry’s name was quietly removed from the subsite.

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