SD! Compared To WCW Nitro, How UFC Fighter Got To TNA, More

There was said to be what was described as a “Nitro-like” vibe to the Smackdown/ECW tapings this week in Las Vegas, NV. The script for the show wasn’t finished until the show was about to begin. This happened back in August before a TV taping in Moline, IL as well. has an article up at this link looking at how WWE fans in Lexington, KY are demanding to see Friday Night Smackdown as the local area broadcasts a weak signal for MyNetworkTV and is not on cable.

According to a recent story on UFC fighter Marcus Davis by Slam Wrestling, his involvement at TNA’s Lockdown PPV earlier this year in April where he was the storyline trainer of Samoa Joe for Joe’s match with Kurt Angle was a complete fluke. TNA did have an idea in mind to have Joe trained by an MMA fighter – Tito Ortiz was someone they were hoping to get since Joe and Ortiz are from the same area and have known each other for years – but plans didn’t work out. How Marcus Davis got involved was pure coincidence. The same day at a gym in Southern California when Spike was filming footage of Samoa Joe training, Davis was doing a photo shoot for “Real Fighter” magazine. The Spike people filming knew Davis and came up with an idea of Davis being involved in the vignettes as his coach. They then filmed an hour of training and Davis talking about Joe. Davis didn’t even know Joe.

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